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Final Alberta Gathering Post


Okay, so I need everyone who's coming to the gathering to post here. I also need to know if you're bringing someone with you (significant others/family etc are of course welcome).

Here's a couple of details for people who are interested:

Waterpark: Cost is $30/person though there may be a deal in the works.

Go Karts: Cost is $25/person/ten minute race. Or we can rent the whole track for $750 for an hour. However, I would need to know how many people are going to be there so we know if it's worthwhile.

Playdium: If we go it's cheap, something like $10 or $20/person for unlimited 3 hour play.

Couple of other details:

Louie: I talked to the people at the waterpark and to your doctor. Because you won't be done your course of antibiotics until after the gathering you're going to have to wear rubber pants so that you don't infect anyone else. . .

Vixens: I've been told by the horny 14 year old working the gate at the waterpark that he may give us a deal in exchange for "seeing those juggies bounce", those are his exact words, something to consider.

Cupcake: I talked to the owner at Buddies like you asked. He's getting the boys together for that wet underwear contest that you wanted. They'd be happy to have you judge and afterward they'd like a demonstration of "how to get your 'cake on. . . "

Aside from that we need a meeting place:

The Whale at Noon!!!!!



I'm too fat to show up anymore. If I havent hung myself by then, come find me and put me out of my misery.


Stu I will be there if senility does not take hold of me I will to rememerber to finish taking my antibiotics If htat fails I will bring my rubber pants oh the heck with it I'll bring the whole damn suit.
Cheers Lui


Judge, my ASS!

I plan on WINNING BABY!...just make sure Buddie doesn't suck you into the flat rate, demand to "pay by the inch".

I will be there, sans Mrs. Cake...not sure about the "Muffins"...depends on if Garnett is coming...more to come later...

SmileMan..."The Whale at Noon" was not a crack directed at you...:slight_smile:

"If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score? "

~ Vince Lombardi



The vixens will show that water park boy a show he'll remember forever!!

And Dr D: Snap out if it man! I love you the way you are, but we're still going to make you the worlds first 6% sundial if it kills me!


I will be there for sure :wink: .


Hell with the flat rate, I made all my money in those contest because of inflation.


hey guys ...don't mean to stick my nose in where it isn't wanted ...but it sounds like you're doing this thing in Edmonton - do you guys know ANYONE military there? The reason I'm asking is because they'll get discounted rates at most if not all the places your going.



This just in...

No muffins...you get a Solo 'Cake and since there will be no little ones present...can you say "MARBLE BAG and FLIP FLOPS"?

Now if only I could grow some hair on my back...Hehehe...

"A disaster where marble has been substituted for imagination"

~ Ada Louise Huxtable


cake if your looking for back hair I'll gladly donate some of mine,
I'm looking to defolige now that I started training again (God what a grusome image;))



'Nuff said.

"If I cannot horrify, I'll go for the gross-out. I'm not proud"

~ Stephen King


ok, maybe I'll skip on the waterpark idea and go straight for the go carting


Well Cake, I'm glad to hear that your attire is ready for the weekend. . . although I must admit a little trepedation about seeing you in a "marble bag" as you so eloquently put it.

Darcy, I wasn't refering to you as the whale my friend, I prefer to think of you more as a sealion, or perhaps and elephant seal . . .

Okay, it looks like after we're done at West-Ed we're going to head back to my parent's house (thanks to their gracious being kicked out of their own house) for food. Currently we're looking at Bison burgers but if that doesn't sit well with anyone. . . tough shit. No, actually let me know, we might be able to include something else too. . .

Further comments/concerns/laugh riots may be directed to me either here or via PM.


ps. TC was nice enough to provide us with a few goodies for the day but you'll all have to wait and see what we got. . .


All I have to say is that EVERYBODY better show up...

Or I'm going to lay the smack down, and you may or may not like it! (I can lay the smack down pretty nice for some people-->SmileBoy you know who you are.)

So, be at the whale at noon.

And bring your camera's because this is going to be fun (plus, ~E and I will be half naked in bikini's!)

WOO-HOO T-vixen babes!!!


I am so full of envy. This is unfair, no T-community members live anywhere near me. So not fair.



Just checked out jetsgo's website for the fun of it. I can get a return flight to Edmonton for around $200 tax in right now. If I can find a couple of trades for work, I just might be in.



You're a nutter but it'll be great to see you two gatherings in a row. . .


If you want please PM me so that you can get my cell number. I will have my cell with me all day Saturday so if anyone gets lost/delayed/attacked and molested by a gang of horny anally obsessed aliens or whatever you can get a hold of me. . . I'd post it here but that's against forum rules. . .



Brett, if you can get your crazy butt down here, we'll get you a place to stay as long as you like. I'll even see if I can get you a good deal on a black Mustang convertible. The matching haircut and shades are up to you.


T-Gentlemen and T-Babes...

Guess what I have in my hot little hand?

No, not that hand, the OTHER one.

Right!, one dozen FREE passes to the Waterpark!

I can't believe you got both guesses right...

Magnus, it would be awesome to have you out for T2, we will make you an Honorary Albertan then...

"Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest"

~ Denis Diderot


Excellent, this is why we love you Cupcake. . . well, that and the promise of a marble bag and flip flops. . .mmmmmmm flip flops. . .