Final 4 Weeks - Operation Cuts

Hi Team,

Apologies in advance if this needs to go elsewhere, or has violated the rules etc. I’ve just joined the forums and am looking for some guidance and feedback.

Im in the final 4 weeks of a fitness challenge (8 weeks already passed). In that time I’ve amassed some really good results, just though the basics (energy balance, carb cycling, cardio and weight training), nothing fancy just the stuff that works.

Now I am in the final 4 weeks, but I am worried I’ve spend too much time doing cardio, not enough time doing weights. I am at a stage where the final 4 weeks I can certainly bring the abs out, but how?

My strategy for the final 4 weeks is to carb cycle again, so LOW/LOW/HIGH, and maintain calorie balance, or perhaps restrict a little. I’m also thinking of utilising IF.

However I was thinking I would try to hit each bodypart twice in the week. So Monday = Chest AM, Arms PM etc, plus 30 minutes of LISS.

Can anyone in brief have a look at the above and provide feedback, or further suggest ways that they have tried which are successful?


It’s too late.

Learn from it, get on a better program for next time.

For now, just complete what you are doing and learn. If you are not on a program, that is your mistake and you need to learn from that.

Do not do something stupid because you lack for sight to get properly ready.

Usually i try to be helpful no matter what, but last 4 weeks,… if what you were doing was working, don’t look for new magic, just keep going. Ideally you were doing something really smart and suited to your unique situation.