Whats the word on Brocks finakit. Thought is was available day after the Arnold. Where do we get it?

Ya whats up with the kit

available @ the gade.

Yep…Monday after 2:00 PM EST…HEHEHE

I wish I knew too. At least your message got on the board. My message asking the same question never got on the board, and my email asking the same didn’t get answered. I went to Anabolex and sent them an email asking about their fina kit and they don’t answer either. It’s enough to make someone think these things are illegal or something!!

What is this “gade” that get reffered to so often?


Hugh…A little more of a hint…R***gade. Man, if you can’t find it now? I don’t mean to be a “dick” but, there are only a limited # of Brocks’ kits available.

Yes, they are VERY limited this week, I only
sent 3 dozen of them. I am sending 100 more
to them next week or the week after followed
by 100 after that.

BTW, they kick as if I may be so bold as to
pat myself on the back :slight_smile:


I found the gade site, but there is no kit, just a shirt, no contact email, no phone, on way to order anything, whats up, man do I want one of these kits,HELP needed

Read the threads in the “discussion” section of the site.