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Finaflex 550 xd?


Anyone take this or know anything on it?


You gotta relax on the number of posts you make about the same stuff man. One here, one in supp/nutrition and you even asked about it in another thread you made.

Do you use google much?


Don't bother with it.

Its a prohormone stack in a single pill.

From what I can tell its superdrol + "tren".

Note that tren is not trenbolone but in this case a progestin - i.e. birth control pills... bitch tits complete with lactation are a very real risk with this product.

Superdrol can also aggrovate gyno and can be somewhat harsh on the liver.

Without a doubt you would experience large strength and mass gains... but this WILL have some pain in the ass sides that could potentially stay with you for a very long time and require expensive surgery.

They have tried to shove in a small serving of milk thistle, NAC and some other goodies to help protect your body during this harsh cycle... but not enough.

Tren will require quite an extensive PCT - not just a SERM... but also an AI and caber.

Head over to the steroids section and read the stickies if you really want to delve into prohormones/prosteroids.


Thank you great info.


This is true, but over exaggerated a bit. Gyno is a risk when taking any PH/DS. Especially when its "tren based".

Correct, but just about any PH has possibility of aggravating gyno. As far as it being harsh on the liver, there are supplements to help aid this and without previous liver problems you should be fine.

Again an over exaggerated statement trying to somehow make this product seem 10x worse than anything out there. Risks are always taken when considering PH solely because we dont really know much of anything about these products.

You can add supplements to help aid your cycle. Very easily. a good AI on hand, liver supplements combined with a good PCT should suffice.

I am in no way FOR Finaflex 550 XD. I just read this post and it was just a bit MUCH. There's always risks when considering PHs as you should know. But honestly, I would treat this product as you would if you had planned on stacking class I/class II PHs.



You are all great helps. I love the info and will keep looking further into a product that will work for me.


I am not positive if you saw the post on your other thread, but you do realize that PHs are basically steroids and if you plan on staying natural then I wouldnt suggest going the PH route.



yes, well aware. I want to gather as much info as I can to decide how I want to go about it.


Can i ask 9again) why you are not going for the most effective of drugs if you are not to be tested? Surely you would desire the best effect you can get - not doing so is like going into a natural show without using slin, GH and suspension... (joke, its a joke!!)

Seriously though.. surely 'real' steroids would be better? Well they ARE better but surely you would choose them first? If it is the legalities of them then you may want to rethink your progression to untested if it is for anything other than a participation medal! ()seeing as everyone else will have a better advantage)


Steak or Cheeseburger. You choose :slight_smile:

Although it seems as if people lately have been choosing the latter.