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Finaflex 550, Its a Trap, Serious Help


Kind of long please bear with me. i came to your forum for help because i don't know where else to go

So to make a long story short, i was sold this over the counter when it was not banned. with a PCT of reversitol v2 and finaflex pct revolution.

Now i have been on this for 9 days so far out of the 30, taking 1 pill for the first two days and then the recommended two pills for the last seven

after gaining 6 pounds i came online today to research what the hell was going on, lo an behold i find out its a steroid and recalled/banned. (i also blame myself for not researching pro-hormones and believing the over the counter guy)

now after searching the internet for awhile i find out i need pharmaceutical grade PCT for this, which i cannot order to where i live, (because it is not able to be shipped here for reasons i cannot discuss)

as common sense tells me i need to stop taking this shit right now to keep my body from getting screwed up, or growing tits.

So my question is how screwed am i with the PCT i have? what else do i need to buy?
And also this may be a dumb question but should i stop taking it immediately and start pct, or wean myself with one pill for a couple days before i start?


Stop immediately.

If you cant get research chemical grade nolvadex then you need to use what you can. Nothing OTC can replace nolvadex, but something is better than nothing, maybe.

Chances are you'll recover fine after only 9 days on. You may feel crappy for a few days. Best bet is to get a blood test now and check out various hormone levels. Then get it tested again in a few weeks.


thanks bonez you rock


2nd what bonez said. You will be fine


Second stop immediately.

Its superdrol and that shitty progestin compound they label as "trenadrol or whatever the fuck".

Both have short half lives, you should be fine, at the 2 caps a day recommended dose that is 20mg/day of SD and like 50mg/day progestin shit cock stuff.

A little over a week of suppression should not even be very noticeable unless you were taking 4-5 caps a day.

Good job catching it when you did, but always extensively research anything before you put it in your body.



Someone I know purchased $350 of those pro-hormone/designer steroid products back when the raids went down on bodybuilding.com and they were selling products for like $10 a bottle. In your guy's experience, what is the best/safest one of these products?