I am 21 years old and I m going a Pro hormone cycle of Finialex 1-Andro now because this is the only time I’m my life where I will be able to take them properly.
3.5 week cycle before college.
My diet is in check. and after 3 years to intense training my gains have slowed.

I will also be taking: Triple Strength fish oil 3 a day. kre-alcalyn, cur cumin (turmeric), C4 cellucor, alpha-lipoic acid, cycle assist, Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid (extra liver support), hemp protein.
Week 1:
2 tabs 1-andro (160mg per tab) working up to 4.
2 cycle assist working up to 4.
Week 2:
work up to 5
Week 3:
start PCT august 31st cycle assist + D-aspartic acid + tribulus + tamoxifen

comments concerns?? thanks