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Finabolan - New from Negma Labs - Anyone seen it?

Just recently came across a 30ml vial of Finabolan. A veterinary form of Trenbolone Acetatefrom NEGMA Labs in 30mg/ml concentration. Box, vial and usage/indications sheet all included in a sealed box. Seal for box was a NEGMA hologram type seal. Vial had flip off seal as well. Box is of similar graphics to the Parabolan box they used to produce. This is in Canada in significant quantities right now. Anyone seen this product yet?

It’s bogus. NEGMA does not make it.
My guess is either someone is making it from
pellets or they bought a kg of TA from China
(at $30,000 per kg, no less!!!) but it is NOT
a product by NEGMA.

If you speak French, why don't you call NEGMA and verify for yourself?


dont have the box handy, but the bottle label is white merging into pink and says finaplex-h. implant for feedlot helfers and lists the distributor. same one? if so this stuff ROCKS in a very big way. 33mg/ml was told

and thats in canada as well

just looked at an old box and ive got the negma one you are talking about…its a pink solution and on the box states 30mg/ml. that stuff was total crap and majorly underdosed. i think the pink stuff had estradiol in it. anyways its garbage.