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Fina Strength


If I put two crates Fina in a Pump And Pose Double Kit, I ended up with 40 ML's, How strong is it per CC?
What would the standard dose under these circumstances?

Is it 75 grams per CC,and is one CC every other day suffeincent enough a dose for 40 days?
Basically, I am considering a cycle to be
75 grams(1 cc) every other day, 40 days,which would give me 2 cycles from two crates Fina and the double kit.

Is this amount suffiencient enough for a cycle, Or should it be stronger or weaker?
Any suggestions would be greatly appresiated,


75mg / cc is correct....I use a standard 4gr kit. I assume the kit you use is the same. 1cc EOD would give you 80 days of Tren. I would run it at 1cc ED for 40 days though. I have found this to be my "upper limit" for Tren use as I start to experience muscle pulls if I stay on it longer.


I can't remember for sure but I think that 40cc of oil with the 4 gram kit makes about 100mg/ml(cc) or close too it (4000mg/40cc=100mg/ml)


p22 got it... 40cc's and 4000mgs (2000 per cart)=100mg/cc.


This is exactly the type of "story problem" that should be in every highschool math textbook.