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Fina-related Products

Everyone knows you can convert Finaplix-H or Component TH into an injectable form for use. What about other cattle implants such as the various Synovex products or Ralgro? If not used as injectables, what about using these in a transdermal manner, such as Finasol?

Thanks for the info.

The only other cattle implant you’d ever want to bother with is synovex-h. That has test prop in it, but it also has estradiol. Yes, there are ways to remove the estradiol, but the guy who sells the “estrogen solubilizer” is charging a pretty penny for such a small quantity.

i hear a lot of guys use red devil lye pellets. how effective and safe is that?

whoa isn’t red devil lye just plain old sodium chloride? I don’t think they are using that for a AAS , atleast i hope not.

BTW a few months ago i experimented with making a homebrew transdermal with some bdc nutrition lotions, some 4as and some fina pellets…One of the problems I ran into in getting everything to mix was the pH level, and i used red devil lye powder (in very small amounts to bring the pH up) in my transdermal. That is the only time i heard any reason to use the lye, i’m not sure about the substance in the syno kits.

yes dan it is true red devil lye pellets. i said the same thing when i heard that. cant be too good to inject lye.

do a search on elite youll see the phenomenon.