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Fina-Plex Pellets

can u let them deslove under your toung? or is some 1 bull shiting me?
cause the dmso cream smells like shit

dude buy a kit and convert them

[quote]chtdrmn wrote:
dude buy a kit and convert them [/quote]

No, buy a dictionary and learn how to spell.

Finaplix taken orally is a joke. Why pay $35/cart if your going to waste it by putting them under your tongue?

Buy a fina conversion kit. Buy some syringes, and get the biggest bang for your buck.

While your at it - you might want to do some research on tren - I know there are a couple of vets doing tren only cycles, but they know what they are doing, and it is apparent from your post that you do not.

Anyone who tells you to dissolve pellets under your tongue is fulla shit. Only because he hasn’t tried to do it himself…

…because if they did, they would tell you that it tastes like fuckin gasoline. The binders and glue that make up those pellets are VERY toxic too. Take the advice from others and buy a conversion kit. Good luck.