fina mag-10 combo?

Hi! I’m wondering,from a biochemical standpoint doing a finasol/Mag-10 combo would make much sense. Thanks

I’m not the expert here, but if you are a frickin relic like me (43 years old) who is searching for MODEST gains, I think you’d be OK.

The question is, what are your goals versus risk evaluation? Secondly, how many cycles have you done? If this is your first, you’ll get more benefit than if it is the second or third, and so on.

You won’t get much feedback on this forum to your question I suspect, because if you are going to do an illegal cycle anyway, why use MAG-10?

But, I think it will work. And, I know folks who use MAG-10 as a bridge when coming off cycle.

Trenbolone and 1-Testosterone would both compete for the androgen receptor. A better choice would be 4-AD with Tren.