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Fina Expiration Question

I bought two carts of Fina and processed them myself, so I know it is clean. The problem is, I received them about one year ago, processed them around July, and have not gotten around to using it until now. The expiration was September 2004. Do you think the potency will be lessened?

I have used t-200, deca 300, EQ, d-ball, t-400 (most painful post injections ever-unbelievable!!!) and others, and have to say that for hardness and strength gain, nothing has worked as well as fina. This will be my third go around. The stuff is awesome.

If you kept the cartons in the refrigerator, you should be fine. I’m about to process some from June 2004 (exp)…no worries here.

I think it will be fine. American pharma companies are very conservative when placing expiration dates on products. Your fina certainly won’t last indefinetly, but if used reasonably soon i think it’s alright. I’ve heard from some vet students that the expiration date is marked as much as two years prematurely in the interest of quality.