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fina cycle for my cows

I’m not a newbie, but I know a bunch of y’all have more knowledge/experience than I with this. For any vets who could spare a few minutes, I’d appreciate if you let me know if this looks good or could use some changes.

6 week bulking cycle:
600mg Sust (taken in two doses/week)
75mg Tren ED
50mg Clomid EOD

3-4 weeks post:
100mg Clomid first day, then 50mg ED, Tribex and Methoxy ED

I’m excited for this since I’m new to Tren. I bumped the in-cycle Clomid from ED to EOD because of all I’ve read lately about the benefits of keeping some estrogen around while on.
Also, does anybody knows the clearance times for Sust and Tren? I’ve heard/read 5 months to be completely clear of Tren, but haven’t found out about Sust.
Thanks guys!

looks good to me. im doing something similiar now but with the clo ed.

Cycle looks good but you may want to bump it to 8 or 10 weeks. Sust takes a little bit longer for some of the tests to “kick in” and you want to get the full benefit. Probably want to front load with a gram of the sust the first week.
Happy bulking!

looks ok. i would bump the sust up to 750mgs allowing for an e3d injection protocol. dont forget to frontload. and i would be careful with that “keeping a little bit of estrogen around” theory. unless you are overdosing arimadex, you WILL have too much estrogen due to aromatization. clomid does not and will not stop estrogen conversion. as we stated many times it simply occupies the ER, thus keeping the estro from binding to some extent. you guys make me nervous with this clomid throughout protocol. you have better keep nolva around.

I have to agree with most here. Bump your test up to 750mg per week and stay on longer than the 6 weeks you plan to do. Go atleast 8 weeks, if not 10. And if you’re doing Sust, DEFINITELY frontload the 1st week.

BTW, if Sust comes in 250mg strengths, how did you plan on taking 600mg a week in 2 divided dosages???

I’ve never understood the “don’t do 6 week but go 8 or 10 week” argument.

I would think it depends upon how much muscle one wants to gain. Not everyone, including me, wants to gain as much as possible.

I understand the arguments most propose for a more than 6 week cycle, but another factor (besides amount of weight one wants to gain) is the recovery time. You can recover significantly quicker after a 6 week cycle than a 10 week cycle.

For you chronic juiceheads who do cycle after cycle for many years, I would think (correct me if I am wrong) that long cycles (i.e. longer recovery time) inhibits your bodies ability to ‘keep bouncing back’ time and time again after cycle after cycle.

I’m just asking.

They are just referring to the longevity of the esters… they think that since it doesn’t “take effect” for two weeks you need to add two weeks. This is of course absurd… if you frontload your levels will be high, also… your levels dont just plummet with your last shot. They stay active for those two weeks off as well. 6 weeks is fine… just hit a big frontload and id like the clo every day.

Thanks to everyone who responded. Here’s the revised edition:

6 weeks
Sust 1250mg frontload, 250mg every 3 days
Tren 75 mg ED
Clomid 50mg ED

3 weeks
Clomid 100mg first day, 50mg ED
Tribex and Methoxy ED

Lastly, if anyone knows how long it takes for Sust to clear ones system please let me know. I’ve heard its around 2 months, but I just want to be sure. Thanks.

Any time you cycle sust. with Tren, you should add d-bol to the mix. I’ve tried with and without the d-bol and I can tell you that there is a major difference in terms of muscle quality, pumps, and overall mass. Consider it and you will not be disappointed.

Wouldn’t arimidex also be needed here?

I believe Sust has a 15-18 day half life.

Yes, Arimidex is needed, I’m going to leave the Clomid for postcycle and go with .5 Adex EOD during the cycle, and I may extend the cycle to 7 or 8 weeks.