fina cough

just wanted to give you guys an update on prolines tren. i am on day 13 of my cycle(sus/tren/dbol) and thus did my thirteenth tren injection this morning. i have noticed over the last three mornings that i am developing the dreaded “fina cough” which has never been a big deal to me in the past. it was always mild. but i had always used homebrew. this morning was really bad. i almost passed out because i couldnt catch my breath. it finally subsided after about 5 or 6 minutes leaving me soaked in sweat. i am not sure what to do at this point. i will try another couple shots. if it persists then i will be forced to stop the proline tren. i have enough golden triangle tren to finish if needed but i dont know how i will react to this either. i’ll update over the next couple mornings as most of us are big tren fans around here. any of you guys experience this? oh, and i cut the sust and tren shots with 1cc usp oil

I was just talking to a friend about this the other day. Now, I have only experienced the fina cough a few times and it was very mild. But my friend was telling me that his was so bad that he was on the verge of calling 911. He said he couldnt breathe at all. Scary shit. Good luck with the rest of your cycle, enjoy it and be careful.

Uhhhgggg…I wish I had some advice for ya brother. I’ve been there and it sucks. Keep us updated. TenMan

dude if your going to attempt another shot, for gods sake have some one there incase you drop. if it was really that bad i don’t think i would chance it. your body is trying to tell you something.

take it from mdog he is very experienced on this topic, he has smokers cough.

other than the cough, how is the cycle going?

Would reducing the dosage help at all?
or shooting eod rather then ed?

Yea i saw a friend of mine drop… he didnt cough at all though, just felt real dizzy said he had a funny taste in his mouth and just collapsed into his chair. This shit only happens directly after injection, might want to just try shooting half the amount twice a day at whatever time you want.

I wouldn’t shoot anymore of that Tren if I were you. If you do, leave me the rest of the gear in your will.


thanks for the input guys. i do my shots each morning before leaving for work and my girlfriend is home at this time as well. she knows if i drop to call 911 and give them the list of chemicals and dosages i am on which i keep in my wallet. i think i will do my normal shot tomorrow and see how it goes. cutting the dosage back a bit may be an option as well. i dont understand. i have never gotten it like this before. other then that the cycle is going great. weights are going up at a nice rate. my weight is up about 6lbs. just getting to the point where i am feeling cock strong in the gym. oh, and warhorse. i ammended my will today. you now get all my juice if i kick it.

I myself have never experienced this “fina cough” but the fact that it varries from preparation to preparation, may mean that the product contains an allergen of some sort. I am not saying this will work for sure, but you may be interested in trying an antihistamine or antiallergic medication. Look for these in the drug store under the category of “allergies or hayfever”

I’ll second Squatty’s advice, but is it just me or everytime he’s around injecting some other guy they’re passing out or something? Hmmm.

Thanks for ammending the will Drago1, hate to see that stash get tossed by the GF.

You might want to take a cue from the ancient Egyptians and get mummified along with a few vials of gear and some syringes. Gotta keep the pump in the afterlife.

ok bro’s. here it is. did my shot this morning and it went great. no burning in my throat. no coughing. none of it. the thing is i only did 1/2cc cut with 1/2cc of usp oil just to test the waters. i will up it to a full cc tomorrow morning. this shot was in my bi. i have been around the boards for a while and read quite a bit about this problem but nobody seems to have a definative answer on the matter. this is quite frustrating. it almost seems that it is related to blood circulation as the cough starts 5 to 10 seconds after the shot. i hit glutes the day i had the problem. but it results in a slight tingling turning into a burn, turning into a cough in the throat. almost like whatever is activating it is being carried to the throat rapidly. such as blood flow. this could also explain it not being a problem all the time. just here and there. is it possible to get some solution directly into the veins even when aspirating and seeing nothing? sounds unlikely i know but there must be an answer somewhere.

If you’re feeling under the weather, cut your next shot 50/50 with Chicken Noodle Soup.

lol. your an idiot : )

drago, im curious as to how you “cut” your gear, as i am going to be using sust soon. do you cut each individual injection or do you take an equal amount of gear and oil and mix 50/50 into a seperate sterile vial? can you please describe the process? thanks

pdog… simply draw up an amount of sterile oil right from the vial. then draw up the corresponding amount of steroid. i.e. sust is a 1cc shot. so draw up 1cc of sterile oil to cut it 1 for 1. trial and error will help you determine how much you need. you may only need say, 1/2cc oil to cut. depends on how sensative you are to the BA content. i seem to be very, so 1 for 1 works nicely. i have zero pain these days. legs days are fun again. i little tip. when you get your usp oil it may be in a screw top container. simply draw it up into a barrel then inject it into a vial. then steralize in your oven at say 220 degrees for 20 minutes. repeat two or three times.

cool, thats simple enough. what do you think about cutting the sust with fina? the tren i have made in the past was 100% pain free. my only concern would be the long acting esters of the sust slowing the delivery of the tren. does that make any sense?

i have tried cutting sust with everything i can think of and it always hurt me bad. even the injectables that didnt burn at all. i think since they still contained BA it just want enough to dillute it.

if i can get away with cutting the sust with tren and it is relativley painless, would it be a good idea to do so, or would it slow the release of the tren into the blood stream?

hey p-dog, cut it with maple syrup.