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Fina conversion/CF

Hey guys, I have another quick question. I searched the archives and did come up with a few hits, but nothing really gave me a for-sure answer.

My pellets dissolved, and I added the oil last night. Its been sitting, and its completely separated. I do have some extra whatman filters, but I want to try that pre-filtering with the coffee filter to save some trouble.

Whats the best way to set this up? Put the filter into a funnel and let it run into a cup? Or can I just rubber band the coffee filter right around the top of a jar or cup and pour it right through there?

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I’ve heard some say this step isn’t necessary, but I want to try it because everyone says it makes the sterile filtering process easier.

Thank you for any guidance.

its not necessary. ive tried it, it is a major pain in the ass!

Save the filter for some coffee. I’ve never used 'em and always comes out nice and golden.

Good enough. Thanks guys.

Haha I posted this and couldn’t wait for an answer so I just went ahead and started sucking it up w/o using the coffee filter. It’s going good so far… filter seems to be holding up.

This easier than I expected.

Final product:

How’s it look?

looks good bro. next time dont bother seperating the tren from the binders. simply suck it all up into the barrel and filter the entire solution. the filter will take out the binders and you are assured at getting the most tren into the final product.

Cool… will do drago.

I just heard so many horror stories about the filters clogging and shit, and I didn’t even want to deal with it. So I just followed the instructions…

I hated throwing that gunk away though… next time I’ll do it your way.

drago failed to mention that in order to do that you’ll need a jack hammer to push the plunger down when the filter gets dirty.

I don’t think Drago uses the plunger that comes with the syringe. :wink:

you guys are a bunch of funny fucks today. i agree the plunger can be a bit much. here is how you combat that. first, heat the solution. just let it sit in a pot of hot,as in boiled, water. about half way up the bottle should do it. second, buy extra filters and change them every 10cc’s. just be sure to have an extra 10cc barrel of plain oil to purge each filter before discarding. IMO this gives the best homemade product

What drago is NOT telling you is that he doesn’t have to pay 7$ per whatman… he gets the friggin things for free. So… for the rest of us who don’t want to spend an extra 35dollars on a bottle… ditch the coffee filter and just suck up what you can without pulling up the binders. If you wait a few days… they harden up solid on the bottom anyhow and you can get nothing but the solution.

I use the coffee filter. Once I am done, and all I have is the gunk left,or get tired of waiting for it to filter, I scrunch up the coffee filter and ring it out, forcing out more sollution until I can’t get another single drop out. This is an O.K method, and you don’t need extra oil or filters.


this post was heaven sent. also my first time making tren. the solution sat for 3 days, it seperated perfectly but according to my instructions i needed to shake it up and filter it throught the coffee filter.

BIG MISTAKE!!! i used 3 whatman filters and my final product was a bit cloudy. the solution took more than a day to drip through the filter. I lost alot of oil in the filter as well.

never using the filter again.

I have ± 65 ml from a 8 g kit, so i lost ALOT of oil.

here it is

lets try again

Vix you used an 8 gram kit and just ended up with that little tiny bottle?
OUCH- thats gotta hurt - I get more out of a 4 gram kit!

Vex… haha, why would you shake it all back up after you just waited for it to separate?

I just sucked as much oil as I could w/o getting the binders. Then when it got low… I’d add another 5ml, and shake it back up. After that settled, I’d suck up more oil. I repeated this until I only had like 5ml of oil left (to purge the filter afterwards.

I did use the coffee filter to strain the gunk when I was done… that gave me a decent amount after squeezing it all out.

we live we learn…