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fina conversion and filters

the last time i converted i noticed that the filter absorbs about 3cc. now my thinking is that i should at the end use more steril oil about 3cc worth to flush the remaining tren through the fliter. does this make sense?

also i have some vet grade test i want to filter aswell. once again im thinking of using oil to purge the remaining test from the filter.

will the oil mix with the test or push the test thru?

and will this dilute the test enough to be noticeable, screw with my ratios?

or should i just stick a pin in the test and bake it in a water bath to remove impuritys and screw the filter? im just worried about losing the test in the filter. thanks

so it just stays in the filter?

when you filter your tren you want to purge the filter to get all the tren into the solution. so the answer to the tren is yes. the answer to the test is no. do not filter. no need. simply bake it at 220 degrees for about 20 minutes. repeat once if you wish.

Not only would I push additional oil through, but I would then load about 10cc’s of air into the syringe and push that through as well. If you filter is a whatman as it should be, you will even be able to get most of the sterile oil out as well.

i thought i once read where someone filtered their vet gear.

The issue of heat vs filtration turns on the ability for the product to withstand heat and remain active an viable. The ultimate way to sterilize anything is with heat. However, some things cannot stand heat, for instance, Humn GH cannot be heat sterilized, so manufacturers use filtration. SO if the issue is sterilization only then heat is the best way if the product can take the heat. Tren can be baked at 200 ( I do it at 225) and remain active. Some steroids can’t.

There is one other reason to filter Tren though. That is to remove any cellulose from the tabs you used or even other matter that might have fallen into the mix such as dust, cat dander during the process of making it.

Most human biologics are filtered with a 20 micron filter, you can trap cellulose with a 40 micron and still get the oil to pass through it easily.

If you save the 3ml of oil from your initial sterile oil and use it purge the filter it shouldn't mess with your ratio's. So if your recipe calls for 32ml's of oil, use 29 initially and then use the final 3 to purge the filter.

great advice guys, thanks