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Fina Cartridges

As sad as this sounds, I can’t find any anywhere. I went to 3 different feed stores yesterday, and the stockyards. All they had there was Syrovex, which I DO NOT want to do (given the added estrogen element in it). Syrovex is proprionate anyway.

Any advice on locating some cartridges would be great. I’m getting desperate to start the homebrew, I’m very curious. I’m in the Toronto and surrounding area. Thanks in advance.


Do an internet search on people who sell vet feed etc. If you can’t find it then you need a seeing eye dog.

Maybe when you’re done bangin’ away at your braile keyboard see if RU12NVME will sell you his dog cheap - if he’s done with it.

He’s not blind, he just likes “the companionship.”

Are you aware that there are boards dedicated exclusively to Fina?

Alright, alright, I got the message. I was only asking this because of the number of feed stores I have in my area. Seeing as none of them sold it (or had it as a stock item) I figured I had to order it from them or elsewhere.

I’m new to the Fina game. So shove your scarcasm up your mofo asses.

Oh, and THANKS to the others here who DID take the time to give me some great advice. It’s much appreciated.

Fina is not sold in Canada. You must order it from the states, then hope like hec it doesn’t get confiscated at the border. Good luck. P-22


As you can see I live in England and while it not illegal to import it was a problem getting some of the US vet med companies to supply me (they said it was illegal to ship it overseas). BUT I did eventually find a supplier who would. It arrived a week later, two weeks before my F-kit. So just persevere.

PM me if you want. i dont usually give any source info but these guys advertise publicly as they only offer legal veterinary supplies. they only sell 10g boxes though. its about $320 for the pellets. conversion kits will have to obtained seperately.