Filtration System

any brewers out there?

im looking to purchase a decent quality filtration system for a decent price, anyone have any recommendations or linksm

Brewing is definitely the way to go and anyone who took high school chemistry can master the basic brewing skills.

I brew just for myself so have used a brake bleeder kit I got new off ebay for about $50 as my vacuum pump. Spend the extra and get a metal one over a plastic one, only a few bucks more.

The benzyls and ethyl oleate can be purchase off ebay in most countries or picked up at a local lab supply. I prefer going local and paying cash so no tracing. I even park a few blocks away and walk so my license plate is not in the parking lot.

I like the disposable sterile Nalgene filter units (google) as they hold up well under vacuum pressure. I have tried Stericups and they tend to crack about half the time. As they are plastic, don’t store your liquids after filtering in the plastic but quickly transfer to sterile glass media.

Home brewing and capping is the way to go. I can get good quality testosterone enanthate for about $1 a gram powder. To brew and filter 400mls from that costs about another $100 (liquids, filters, storage media, etc.) so we are talking around fifty cents per 1ml at 250mg!

Capping powders is even easier.

Alibaba has dozens of quality powder suppliers.

I think it is only the crazy prison sentences and smaller markets that keep more people from becoming professional brewers.

For me, I just realized it was easier to import powders and cheaper to brew for myself than ordering finished products. I have never told anyone I brew and doubt I ever will.