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I decided to put up a general overview of my training/diet.I want as much advice as possible, especially from the main contributers to this site who’s knowledge has been proven. Hopefully the responses may prove useful to anyone in a similar position or beneficial to beginners and myself.

Up until trecently I believed myself to be a hard gainer and often dispaired that it was practically impossible for me to gain muscle…let me explain

stats :

weight:74kgs was 67/68/69 1 month ago
BF%:sub 10
Yrs lifting:3 on and off
sports:boxing/kickboxing/martial arts/tennis
fibre type: predominantly fast twitch

…with regards to the fibre types I know this because I have very low endurance both in running,swimming etc despite having a good VO2max. Also I’m a ridiculously hard puncher for my size and when I was 16/17 possessed the hardest serve I have ever seen with my own eyes. I also possess extremely fast acceleration both on land or in water…“on land or sea would have sounded too stupid right?” :slight_smile:

I have gained a lot from my time on T-Nation so far and I’d like to thank everyone before get down to the real details…well here it goes…


I train five days a week mon-fri and have designated sat as a day for focusing on certain body parts.I wake up at 7.30 and am in gym for 8.
All my rest periods are 60 seconds and only one muscle is hit each day. average workout time is 35-40 mins. I only started training like this about 3 weeks ago. b4 was 3 days a week chest/back-arms-legs (prescribed programme)

I try to keep form and 4:1 tempo throughout most exercises

The following is my current programme and will be changed the week after next (for instance deads will replace squats and reps may change to 6 etc…)

BB curl 4 sets 8 reps …30…35…37 1/2…40kgs

DB preachers 4sets 8reps …8-10-11-12

ez bar curl 25 kgs with same rep scheme for as many sets as possible until cannot scratch ass head or crotch thus resulting in much discomfort till odema subsides. =(


same as above
CG bench…
lying tri exts…
tri pressdowns…
maybe some CG pressups depending on how I feel

weds:legs (longer workout)
deep squats…
ham curls…
leg ext…
leg press…
calf raises…

thurs: back
pull ups WG…
1 arm row…
seated row
lat pulldown…
(I am avoiding BOR’s due to over developed rhomboids which has affected my posture…i slouch.) I also do scapular retractions for this reason.

Flat bench…
incline flys…
supine fly’s…would use pec deck but gym doesn’t have one.

I have used GVT in the past and other programmes and saw no real results. I seem t have had good strenght gains in the last few weeks coupled with weight gains.


I have in the past tried to follow the principles of healthy eating…ya know the whole low fat chicken/turkey + veg bandwagon. A little over a year ago I came across the Anabolic Diet. within a few months I started this way of eating and dropped from around 10% BF- 6/7% BF.

There was a slight problem with this though given that I was trying to bulk. My weight went from 69 to 66 and even got into the 65’s at one stage. I was eating 5-6 times a day…mostly burgers/ veg and nuts.

Current diet of 3 weeks ago
sample day

1.PWO 25g protein/75g dextrose
2 MD+ multi’s and

2.an hour later 25g P/75g maltodextrin
2 Flameout

3.large fry up with sausage…egg…rashers…hash browns

4.1litre flavoured milk approx 1000calories + 2flameout

5.large chicken sandwich

6/7 2 boxes of cadbury’s animal cracker biscuits approx 1000 cals each

Before I go to sleep I have ZMA and 2 more MD+multi’s

this is just a sample day…der could be pizza’s thrown in…or 2 bigmac’s.
other times the meals are healthier like burgers and broccholi.

Let me get this straight…your training purely for mass right? I only ask because most who have a history wd the AD seem to be very concerned with bodyfat. The training looks similar to what Prof X does although I don’t know if he follows the same set to rest scheme. He might be able to give you more insight.

Good luck

Edit: just saw your favourites in your profile so makes sense.

Yeah I had been training with GVT for some time before this but had not been able to increas the weight by any real amount…with this style of training I like pushing myself to lift big (by my standards) and I love to train with as much intensity as possible.

While I’m looking for training advice also my main concern is with the diet…will it result in mass increases?..I plan on switching back to the AD when my situation allows for it.