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Filtering EO Based Gear


Ok, I'm starting my first batch of EO based gear soon and I've just realised I have no idea if the the filters will hold or get eaten up by the EO. I'm using the standard whatman .22 micron PVDF syringe filters. Are these good to go, or am I in for a world of pain and some botched gear? I'm looking to make both 100% EO and 50:50 EO:GSO.

Much appreciated.


I've made my own brew with 2%BA, 4%BB, and 10%EO, and the rest grapeseed oil. Always painless shots.

I have never used a higher percentage of EO, so I couldn't really tell you what that would do to a filter.

What is the purpose of such a high percentage of EO? Are you not including BA and BB? Since EO is a solvent are you sure that is a good idea?


I'll still be including BB and BA, I just meant that the rest with some batches will be all EO. The purpose is for solubility. I've got some recipes for 600mg/mL test enanthate, 200mg/mL NPP, Tren and primo and various others at pretty high concentrations. Its a pretty good solvent. Tren can be brewed up to a fairly ridiculous concentration too from what I can gather. I'm also going to try some of these brews SQ as a well so as high a concentration as possible is needed.


I've used T400 and that had enough solvents in it that it was hard to walk or sit down for a few days after injections. Since then I've had a different view of highly concentrated gear.

From an old Cy Wilson artice:

In general, the longer the carbon chain of the ester, the more lipophilic (fat loving) the androgen molecule is and thus the more you can dissolve in the oil (solvent) without the use of a co-solvent (e.g., benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate).

In order to achieve the same concentration with shorter carbon chain esters as you would with a longer carbon chain ester, you'd need substantially more co-solvent. The problem is that the typical co-solvents we use can cause hypersensitivity reactions (nausea, vomiting, headaches, inflammation at the injection site) as well as irritation and even necrosis (tissue death) if high enough concentrations are used


In my view, it's better to brew at lower concentrations, lower BA, and just inject more volume. Especially if you're doing Sub-Q...it's pretty painless (whereas high-BA gear is decidedly not painless). Just divide your dose into multiple shots. Simple.


Well thanks for the tip but I'm already doing normal conc. gear. From what I hear EO based gear is painless even at high concentrations, except in some people who cant tolerate EO. Concentration isn't the main factor in a painful injection. I'm running EQ at 400mg/mL right now and its painless. If the gear stays in solution long enough in the depot not to crash then it shouln't hurt. Thats the point of using EO.


Well, it looks like EO is OK through those filters in smallish volumes. And who says primobolan is a weak steroid? I brewed up primo acetate at 200mg/mL and the strength boost I got from 200mg is insane.

The test enanthate is pure magic too. Its silky smooth at 600mg/mL. It was funny brewing it, since there's more testosterone by volume than there is solvent in the mixture!!