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Films of the Decade


2010 is fast approaching so it's time to start firing out decade threads

Best films for me this decade have been

Requiem For A Dream
Dead Mans Shoes
City Of God
The Bourne Trilogy
Napolean Dynamite
Team America
Sweet Sixteen
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back

Plenty more as well


Here’s mine, although I haven’t seen enough films and I thought this up quickly:

Almost Famous
The Royal Tenenbaums
The Squid and the Whale
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Aviator
Three Kings
Slumdog Millionaire
Iron Man

This is a pretty good thread idea. I was actually thinking of starting one up for music [albums, songs, artst/bands], maybe you could start one up if you wanted?

EDIT: SHIT. Just made the post and I already want to replace one of the films with “Into the Wild”. Ah well.


Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Sin City
City of God
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Donnie Darko
Slumdog Millionaire
The Dark Knight
This is England
Children of Men
Finding Nemo
Cache (or Hidden it’s the French one)
la meglio gioventu


terminator salvation.


Hey, Jack’s back! How ya been?

I’mma go with:
Batman Begins, as well as The Dark Knight
Terminator Salvation…I’m just going to say about every Christian Bale movie this decade.

Wall-E and Up were fantastic too. I have too many kids.

Eh, it’s been a long decade. I might be able to think up moe later.


I’m a fan of “The Birds”.

Shit, wrong decade?


Triple X


Nobody liked ‘The Departed’?


[quote]bluefingas wrote:
Nobody liked ‘The Departed’? [/quote]

I thought about putting it in. It, along with Children of Men and District 9 narrowly missed the cut.


[quote]bluefingas wrote:
Nobody liked ‘The Departed’? [/quote]

I would say its overrated in all honesty


Old School
The Hangover
40 Year Old Virgin
The Departed
Training Day
No Country for Old Men
There Will be Blood
Batman Begins/Dark Knight
Lord of The Rings
The Bourne Trilogy
Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace


Step Brothers


no particular order

the lives of others
the departed
the dark knight
there will be blood
city of god
no country for old men
inglourious bastards
the bourne identity
american psycho


honorable mention:

Revenge of the Sith
Good Night and Good Luck
Batman Begins


[quote]artw wrote:

Revenge of the Sith

this movie sucked




x 10


I’ll second American Psycho. It’s one of my favorites. The Lord of the Rings and Bourne trilogies were also really good. I think it’s fairly difficult to come up with an accurate list so quickly.


I’m not gonna think up a list right now but American Psycho is my favorite movie ever so I’ll just say that one.


the decade isn’t really over untill 2011… just like the mellienium didnt really start unill 2001.
but fuck it!!

40 year old vigin

wedding crashers

everything else sucked!