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Film Newz: <b>Good</b> Stuff!


Haven't done this in awhile. Been rather bizzy. But there are some extremely interesting stuff to chew on.

Aliens vs Predator. BIGGEST news. I've been awaiting this flick to be a done deal, as many other geeky fans of the Alien and Predator franchises. Word is that filming begins this October in Prague. However the very, very SCARY director, Paul Anderson (Event Horizon, Resident Evil) is at the helm. I say "SCARY" in that Mister Anderson (hehehe), has a tendency to make some visually striking movies that are also VERY BORING (as in, he made zombies BORING). Here's the jest of the cast:
"Casting agents are seeking seven major human characters (NONE from the previous films in either franchise are returning), including a gorgeous female environmental researcher, her hunky Egyptologist ex-beau, a gruff Han Solo-esque American archeologist, the billionaire industrialist financier who hides his terminal disease, the English-accented Afro-Caribbean team leader, a muscle bound beefheaded Texan, and a geeky but smart scientist. Interestingly with the exception of the female lead, the other six roles are to be filled by European actors"

BATMAN: "Quote from The Daily Show recently - Guy Pearce: 'Chris Nolan seems to think I'd make a good Batman', Jon Stewart: 'When did you turn that down?', Guy Pearce: 'I haven't yet".

X3: "X2 executive Producer Tom DeSanto recently spoke with Cinescape about what other mutants we might see if a third film goes ahead: 'Angel - The funny thing about Angel is that he was in several versions of the original X-Men script until very, very late in the game...He was also in quite a few drafts of X-Men 2 and it was ultimately decided that, again, story time was better spent developing other characters like Nightcrawler. So hopefully we'll see him in X-Men 3, but it ultimately comes down to serving the story. Beast - Beast is probably the number one contender who's made it the farthest along in X-Men and X-Men 2. Sentinels - For a while, the Sentinels were in some of the thought processes behind the second movie, but again, it's trying to keep it real and do it right. If they're done, I think they should be in all their 30-foot-tall glory and not walking around human size'"

That's it for now, folks!


Patricia...any news on a Superman flick?...an updated one with the new suit and powers and all?

Who will kick ass in the Predator/Aliens scenario?

I am sci fi geek also!



League of Extraordinary Gentlemen looks good. Connery as Allan Quartermain (I saw an old flick where Richard Chamberlain plays that character) should be great. What are your thoughts on this one?


Superman: Brent Rantner no longer set as director. He's moving on to Rush Hour 3 and maybe, the sequel to "Get Shorty", "Too Cool".

As for who's gonna be Jor-El? There was a short list of actors still on the "Maybe" that was recently released. Ashton Kurshner from "That Seventies Show" has been pressing mightily hard to wear the "S". Another actor named as a possibility is Paul Walker (Fast to Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious). Besides, Jerry O'Connel and Brandon Fraisier.

Just say this for now: Superman is in development hell and there doesn't seem to be no gettin' out.

As for "League of Extaordinary Gentlemen", now being touted as "The League". It can go either way. I wasn't impressed with the most recent trailer. And this story was not one of Alan Moore's best. Plus, after seeing what happened with "From Hell", I just got no faith in any movie studio's ability to translate Moore's stories onto the big screen. "From Hell" graphic novel was wonderful. It was a dark, weaving story that was NOT just a "slasher flick with a twist" that the movie ended up being. Oh, end of rant.

As for "The League"? While I don't mind Peta Wilson (La Femme Nikita cable series), as Mina Murray; I wonder about Stuart Townsend as Dorian Gray. Mr. Townsend was just weak as Lestat in Queen of the Damn. But then, that was just a bad, bad, bad movie. Soooooo, I'll just wait until this flick hits the big screen and reserve all comments until AFTER I've seen it - at a matinee. :wink:


None of those actors mentioned for the role of superman seem even remotely apealing for the part in my opinion.


Why does Paul Anderson direct every single video game movie? He totally ripped Resident Evil. He didn't even include some of the most memorable characters, monsters and items from the game. Tyrant, Hunters...WESKER?????? Sorry I get alittle emotional about RE.


Jeez Patricia...I don't even go to Yahoo movies anymore. I just read your updates...haha.

I heard that Michael Mann is making a new movie with Tom Cruise? I think I have it right. Anyways, I dont know about you, but I think Mann is a superb director (Last of the Mohicans, The Insider, Heat, Ali). Should be a great flick.

And I think it is great that Nolan is directing the next Batman movie. That guy is a freakin genius and I can definetly see Guy Pearce as Batman!


Tony, that may be the flick that Tom Cruise will be a villain in. I didn't know a director was already attached. If it's indeed Mann, then this could be the makings of a good film. Yes, I'm aware of Mann's filmography. While I loooooove "The Insider", I would have to say my fave Mann flick is "Manhunter".

I'll do some more "snooping" and see what I can find on this project.

Nolan is another capable director who's subtle, eerie and compelling style would suit a Batman project. I remember a old Batman comic of mine that was terrifically very noirish; I believe Nolan could really capture that perfectly. I don't really see Pearce in the cowl. But who knows? Maybe he's test screened for it and looked great.


I wish they did Aliens vs Predator the right way. ie no humans! My take would be 10 preds crash their ship on a huuuuuge ass space station like 30 miles big or more. The station is infested with Aliens. The preds fight for their lives against 1000s of aliens. They talk in the predator language and it's subtitled. Not too worry there won't be much talking. It would be such a different movie. It's how it should be. But hollywood is devoid of imagination. Hence pre-hashed ass crap like Legally boring...I mean blonde. Also another movie called Underworld is coming out. I tried to post about this before but it didn't go through.(let me know and I can post the link) Anyways it's based on some awesome stuff by white wolf or I should say ripped off and watered down the fuckers. Now it's Blade-ized and crappified. Actually it looks like it will be pretty good but if the white wolf line of stuff actually got a movie instead of this rip off shit I would have been more happy. But typical don't take a risk try the same shit approach ruins it. Rant over. Fuck you holywood. Okay now rant over. :slight_smile: