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Filling up glycogen stores- how fast?

Im following a Targeted Ketogenic Approach to my diet( carbs are consumed prior to, and after, workouts). Workouts are on Thursdays and Sundays- a light cardio session in the morning is followed by two-three meals containing 50-60gms of carbs each, which would leave me with 150-180gms in my system for my evening workout.
Problem is, lately my workouts have been suffering BAD- reps are down, im losing a good deal of strength.
Obviously the carbs is not enough to keep me going. My question is therefore, how long does it take for the body to assimilate and “fill up” the glycogen stores in the muscles? If you consume 300gms( at breakfast or lunch) would you have 300 gms of carbs in your glycogen stores for your evening workout IF your glycogen were more or less depleted PRIOR to that meal?

You cannot expect all the carbs you eat to be directed to muscle for glycogen resynthesis. As soon as you ingest carbs and insulin levels rise, you got a marked increase in glucose oxidation. Glucose will now be the main source of fuel for your activities.

If you’re consuming 300g of carbs, I don’t think you’re following a TKD. To my knowledge, a TKD requires ingestion of carbs (in significant quantities) only after training.

Another thing to take into consideration is that total glycogen storage depends on muscle mass. For example, a 70kg guy would be able to store anywhere from 300-400g of muscle glycogen. Now, for a bodybuilder with a greater capacity to store nutrients and more muscle mass, this number will rise.

So, if you’re relatively depleted, I highly doubt that you’ll be able to replenish much of that with 150g of carbs. Do you do carb-ups?