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Filling The Void


With all the busts and shutdown of labs lately, there is obviously a void being created in supply.

I was flipping through a copy of Llewellyn's Anabolics from years gone by and noticed some of the products he said weren't available from an underground lab. Now, years later, I have seen the same products being sold in different forms from a number of sources. With all the legal uproar, do you see the variety of products shrinking drastically back to what it was years ago?

Or do you see someone jumping in to fill the void. I mean, if there is a demand, somebody usually tries to fill it. But will all the crackdowns keep this from happening?

Anyway, just curious....


I think and hope this is just a phase.
I believe supply will be on the short as long as the US gov't keeps going the way they are.

I think now that a large percentage of the UG labs are gone, the govt will start to taper off the AAS war. I can't see that they will continue to put all these resources into this when they run out of people to bust.

I think things are already starting to head in that direction. I've noticed lately that the local news-Portland ME-has been doing alot more stories on crack and heroin problems in the city.
As long as we don't get anymore wrestlers killing their families, things should hopefully start to cool down and eventually new UG labs will start popping up.


See, that's the way I would hope it would go. All of this oh-so-important-won't-someone-please- think-of-the-children type sensationalism is really just a flavour of the month. But it's an easy flavour of the month for the powers to be to jump on. It doesn't take me effort and the storylines are easily embellished.

However, I could easily see it going the other way, at least in the short term. I mean a situation where there are only a few underground labs operating and only offering a small list of goods. And with that, of course, would come a much larger pricetag.

I wouldn't want to see that happen but it doesn't seem too far fetched at this point.