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Filling the Gaps (Collarbones)


I'm looking to make my collarbone disappear- that is, I want to increase the surrounding musculature surrounding my collarbone to the point that it is difficult to locate.


Ohh jeez you been on this site for over a year and you dont know what 3 things make your collar bone disappear? Fail.

its simple

1.Get stronger and bigger
2.Incline Bench press
3.Time: You need alot of muscle in your chest, that comes from years of lifting and hardwork


Hi there,

Well that sounds like a really interesting issue that you're facing, that clearly has a difficult solution.

I would suggest for you that you take the advice of the recent article which has the rapid chest building protocol detailed of 100 push-ups everyday.

That will surround the surrounding muscle surrounding your collarbone with sweet sweet slabs of muscle.

This is also known as the LaBuff protocol.

Also strongly recommend you look at some of the advice Lewhitehurst gave early in his t-cell thread about his night training practices, very good for muscle size quickly.

Good luck, let us know how you go.

Kia Ora


Incline Bench Press (or with DBs)
Alternating Supinated Cross-body Front Raises

But judging by your profile pic, you need to train EVERYTHING more, and definitely EAT more. You're worrying about a single detail when the whole package needs attention.


Add in another day of training during the week for just upper chest. (incline movements)


Two words: "combat pyramids".

They will fill you in/out/up whenever whatever. Guaranteed.


I had the same problem...i have really thick collar bones...Incline bench presses for sure! I can't even see them anymore, it's great!


True story


A few T-Nation site and google searches have yielded no usable information on combat pyramids, could someone provide a source of further information?
Also, what is OHP?


he was joking about combat pyramids. OHP is over head press. In all honesty, don't worry about things like that. do all the big lifts and give it a few years. put your little helmet on and get to work


I only knew OHP as one hand pullup, much like OAP.


Try it sometimes


I could break it for you. Then it'd kinda be gone.