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Filling T Vials for Storage?

I’ve been on TRT for about 6 years. I have always gone to the clinic and had them administer my injection once per week. I decided that I would rather start doing self-inject from home. They have given me enough pre-filled syringes for a month. I want to put a couple of weeks worth in an empty sterile vial. I know that when removing solution from a vial, you put an equal measure of air in, but when putting solution into a vial, would you pull air out, before or after you put the solution in?

When filling the vial simply put a needle (no syringe) into the stopper. Then put your needle/syringe with the testosterone into the stopper and push the oil in. As it goes in it will displace the air, which will flow out through the other needle you’ve got in there. It creates kind of a vacuum effect where only the air that needs to escape will do so.

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Interesting… does the needle gauge make a difference? How far in would the needle have to be inserted?

Not really as its just an air release. I would go 25ga or bigger for good measure, no slin pins. Its just got to pierce the grommet to provide pressure relief.

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So, what about when withdrawing my dosage for later? Just put an equal amount of air in, before drawing out? I’m only drawing .5ml at a time, and storing like 2ml in a 5ml vial BTW.

filling vial

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Yes, Its easier to draw if you pressurize the vial with approx the amount of air you are going to withdraw in liquid first.

Brother, I appreciate your help. Thank you.

Last question, the vent needle goes in before or after the needle/syringe?

Before. It can go in after, but it needs to be before you begin to inject the oil into the vial.

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Thank you, for your help.

Does all the venting occur during the transfer to the vial? I mean, can I remove the venting needle as soon as I’ve put the oil in?

Dude… you’re overthinking everything. Just give it a go. And my final helping hand… you remove the needle after the vial is completely filled with your oil.

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Good deal. Thanks, again.

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