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Filling a Tube in the Tire?


Is there a reason why people flip empty tires?

I'm thinking of adding some weight to my tire by putting a tube in and filling it up with air.

Anyone done this before?


I don't have the slightest clue as to why some people would flip empty tires. Maybe as a warmup?

Anyways, I've done tire flips before (weighted of course), and they're a good conditioning exercise. Its much more fun than doing traditional cardio on a bike or treadmill. However, do it too often and it can tax you. You will also need a good deal of space, which I lucked out with :stuck_out_tongue:


lol. I think you misunderstood my question. What I meant is, is there a reason why no one flips the tires with a tube and air in there. Is it just that no one cares to or is there a specific reaon?


Filling a tube inside the tire will make it bounce around more an this can be dangerous when you are doing flips for time etc.
Some years ago they did this at icelands strongest man to make the tire heavier but it made the event easier because you could just catch the tire as it bounced and push it thru after the first flip but one guy had the wrong timing and tore his biceps.

Hope this helps.


Thanks man. Yeah thats what I wasn't sure of. There had to be some reason why no one does it with the tube.


Just fill the tube with water!


if you use a tractor tyre it weighs 300kg+


Isn't there also a story of a guy who decided to do some hammer work on a tyre but didn't deflate the tube or take it out and only managed to only do 1 rep. Hammer to the face!! Lol!


No, just HALF FILL IT with water!


I don't have access to a tractor tire. I just have a 200 lb tire. It will be much easier for me to just put a tube inside than look for another tire.


I could do water too. But I think that might not work as good because as I lift it, the water will go towards the base making it lighter on top. With air, it will be equal all around.


The way I see it, the air would not weigh down the tire enough to make a big difference. I think that the weight of air under pressure is negligible. Maybe you could make some concrete and fill the inside of the tire with it and then seal it up somehow? Then the weight would be evenly distributed and a ton heavier than the empty tire


actually air under pressure weighs quite a bit. A regular 15 inch tire weighs about 17 without air and 32-35 with air. My tire is 200 pounds, it will probably take about 170-200 lbs of air if not more.



What's the logic behind having a tire that is at least up to knee height. I don't understand how that would make any difference in the flip because either way we are going to be lifting from the ground. Can someone please explain?


works more on your hips(hip extension) and you use your whole body which it is meant to be a whole body like a deadlift.