▶️ Fill in the Gaps. Look Good Naked. Stay Healthy

People who just want to look good naked tend to follow a similar training path… a path that ultimately leads to the same problems. Most of their training emphasizes the same muscles and movement patterns while neglecting others. The result? Imbalances, excessive wear and tear, and injuries.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, their focus on building only the vanity muscles causes them to look worse.

The solution? Get stronger at lifts that aren’t traditionally done for the mirror muscles. Practice the lifts that won’t just make you look better (overall) but feel better so that you can continue lifting without having to take time off for injuries.

Here are ten exercises your aesthetics-focused workouts need so you can look better and feel better long-term.

Gareth Sapstead
Narrated by Dani Shugart

00:00 Fill in the Gaps. Look Good Naked. Stay Healthy.
00:18 Chest-Supported Face Pull
00:35 Body Saw
00:46 Barbell Wrist Roller
01:03 Box Step-Off
01:15 Sissy Squat
01:32 Chest-Supported Triceps Kickback
01:44 Glute Bridge
01:54 Landmine Single-Leg RDL
02:12 Cable Chest Press
02:29 Dead-Stop Skater Squat