Filing for Unemployment Late

Thanks to issues with my state’s website and system, my wife and I weren’t able to apply for unemployment immediately when we were furloughed. Has anyone had luck back-applying - i.e. applying 1 week later than your unemployment date?

Sure, my gf did that. No problem.

She got benefits for the week she applied and onward. Then after a couple weeks another separate payment came through for the week she was off work before filing.

If the filing system in your state is getting overwhelmed and crashing try to submit your stuff at like 2 am Tuesday when volume is low.

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Sweet. I did it the first week and it went through just fine, I just didn’t want it to come across as me trying to commit some sorta fraud. Thanks for chipping in :metal:

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Good luck. Sucks you got furloughed. Hope you get a chance to go back to work soon.

Appreciate it man, we’re back now. Wife and I had to take 2 weeks in April and 1 more in June. Hoping to maybe eek out a small road trip that week though, gotta make the most of it.


No problem.

I know what you mean! It’s very stressful filling out those forms, worrying about getting all the info correct and having all the verifications so you don’t commit fraud by mistake.

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