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Filho Misses Weight



missing weight by that much is appauling to tell the truth. Not only was this set to be the last WEC middleweight title fight but also a re-match for Sonnen bitching about the last fight they had. Filho has had alot of personal problems but that is no excuse. The guy is huge. Just look at the size of him on the WEC weigh in video on there site:


anyone think this is a ploy that even if he does lose, he is still the champ?


This is becoming an epidemic.


I doubt its a ploy. Filho has been messed up for a while now and this is the last middleweight fight for the WEC regardless.


rocking the double chin in his pre-fight conferernce... nice.


puzzling...7 lbs first attempt.


Is it a "appaling" for him to miss weight? Maybe. But he's mentally ill. He hardly has mere "personal problems."

He suffers from severe clinical depression. He had to be hospitalized for it. So his self-destructive behavior is not hard to understand.

Not sure if you guys are morons, ignorant of mental health issues, or what.

And while we're talking about appalling.... Didn't Sonnen lie his way into a rematch? "I didn't tap!" <---- Lie.

If anyone is appalling, it's the guy who lied about tapping, not the guy going through severe mental health issues.


My bet is he doesn't give a rats ass due to the closing of the middle and light heavy divisions in the wec. After this fight, the belt aint worth shit anyway. The mans skills and record combined with the lack of challengers in the ufcs middleweight division ensure he has a new home regardless.

I thought Filho got hospitalized for drug addiction? That may be indicitive or caused by psycological issues, but how the fuck do you know how severe they are? Because he got hospitalized? Could easily be a quinton jackson type case where dude fucked up and claims depression/instability to get off easier. Or he could indeed need help. I'm just saying, how the fuck do you know?


may have missed this one, but is WEC merging with the UFC?


middleweight and light heavyweight divisions are being cut to focus on the lighter weight classes


Not being funny here but I did state Sonnen bitching. Yes he may be mentaly ill but if he is well enough to be paid and to then step into the cage, then he is well enought to make weight. Yes its sad he has been hospitalised due to mental health but he has obviously been signed off to fight, which isnt going to happen if he isnt compitant. Lets not make excuses for missing weight especialy by 7lb the first time.


First of all,only a true moron would call others ignorant of mental health issues in this particular situation.

What's really appalling are people that post with a better than thou attitude day in day out...no filter whatsoever.

If Filho is having this serious of a problem...is it in his best interest to be fighting right now?? Considering that you call others ignorant about SEVERE mental health issues. So by your own logic,I think this is more important than the guy who lied about tapping. You really need to get over yourself.


As someone who deals with mental health issues, I don't think it played a part in his missing weight. If he felt good enough to fight, then he should've come in at the required weight.


Good question. Ask Rampage.


Wow..I think this is the first time a champion has been booed.


Who's booing him? I'm a fan. His mental problems just came to a head after he lost to Griffin. Didn't you hear about that?


Sorry for not clarifying...I was talking about Filho when he was introduced tonight.


This motherfucker is crazy..lol.


Is there anywhere to watch this online?


DAmn. Rob McCullough's been on a losing streak lately.


I'm not so sure about that. He hasn't fought in a long time, and probably needed money. I realize this was posted before the fight, but afterwards it's quite clear he still has severe issues to deal with had no intention of fighting anyone tonight.