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Figuring Out What Supps to Take

Current 118-120lb
height 5.3"

in season for rugby 2x practice a week 1 game per week
3 lifting days only 1 heavy lift per lifting day

currently taking 40 grams whey protein
1,400mg fish oil
Jack3d before lifts

looking to supplement better, didn’t know if anyone out there could lend me their suggestions. thanks!

It’s really going to come down to what the rest of your diet looks like. If you’re not getting adequate protein each day, my initial suggestions would be shakes and bars so that you hit a decent amount of macros daily.

The fish oils are a must have in my book, so it’s good that you’re including those. After protein and Omega3s, I’d go with BCAAs, possibly creatine or beta alanine, as well as a decent mineral program (this helped me a lot). Not so much a fan of the pre-workout stimulants though, but if it helps you, then keep it.


^ What Stu said. If you can give an idea of our daily food intake that would help a lot. I’m also a fan of simple carbs and some BCAA’s pre workout as opposed to the stimulants.

What you do in training should be similar to the field, in my opinion . So best to skip the pre workout stims, unless you are using them pre-game as well. And if you are then make sure you are not using them any other time. Targeted use gets a better effect for performance in my observation.

Yup save the jacked for big games. Also look into getting a greens supp and any of the Anaconda Protocol products

I agree with whats been said so far…definitely take vitamin D3 at least 1000-2000 IU per day. Also since you’re a rugby player I’d strongly recommend creatine not only for strength purposes but because it’s been shown to aid in protection of the brain when it comes to concussions. And Stu said minerals which is good advice so you could go with something like elitepro or zma and I’d recommend extra calcium if you don’t eat a lot of dairy.

Creatine and fish oil are the only supplements I can recommend with a straight face. Everything else I get from real food. (would ditch the fish oil too if I ate fish, but I fucking hate fish).

What stu said. I’ve found going down to bare minimal works well: Sort the protein/fish oil, then vitamin D, then beta alanine/bcaa/eaa if you can work them into your budget.

As far as creatine goes, don’t get creatine ethyl ester. It was cheap but tastes awful and ruins any shake I put it in… Going back to Biotest creatine once I run out.