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Figuring Out the DHEA, Pregnenolone, Cortisol Puzzle

Hello everyone.

Recently, I have been trying to figure out why despite taking 200 mg/ml test in 1 ML dosages split twice a week, I still feel like shit a lot of times. On top of regular psychological issues, Im trying to figure out what I could be doing to get to the fabled golden zone that test can provide. Providing some good muscle and fitness building qualities as well as psychological ones. I still dont feel any significant change to my psyche or attitude despite this though I have filled out a little. I stopped HCG and 1 mg of arimidex about 2 months ago. I think I might be feeling worse without them so I reintroduced the arimidex at .5 mg which is half a pill.

Further still, I find that what might be a contributing factor is the Pregnenolone Cortisol and DHEA puzzle. Im trying to figure out what the relationship between the 3 hormones are and if I need adjustment on that end too. I have heard when the DHEA is high and cortisol is controlled then that is when the real benefits can shine through. Im just very confused on how to read this what tests I might need and what to do.

I am contemplating a cycle sometime in the future perhaps with sarms and that too might impact all of this balancing and I am wondering if I go through with it will any of the DHEA and related hormones matter that much.

Can anyone help me figure all this out. This is really confusing.

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