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Figuring Out My Optimal T Levels

I am looking for some help on trying to figure out my optimal T levels would be and if I am going the right direction in my current treatment.

I am 44 years old and was having trouble with focus, clarity, sex drive and even though I have been working out with weights for years, I never have seen any real gains in muscle. Saw those low â?? T commercials and thought that might be something to get checked out. Went to my family practice doc and he agreed to check my levels. Total T came back at about 325. He said that was low, but within the normal range so it was nothing to worry about.

About a year later, I was feeling the same of course, so I finally went to another doctor. This time my total T was about 300. This doc agreed to put me on T-Gel for a month. Went back for blood work and was at about 290. He switched me over to T Cream 10%, which ended up being a lot cheaper. The next month I was at about 420. He increased the dosage to 14% cream and currently I am up to about 630 total test.

I do feel a little better, and my drive is a little better now. Not as much as I was expecting though. I really havenâ??t seen any changes in my work outs at the gym and no muscle gains. My weight has stayed the same.

I am now at 3 month break between blood work. My doc seems to be going up higher with the T if he things I need it. He said that his goal for me would be to get it up to 1000. He is open to doing injections if I need them, but he said I seem to be making progress on the T-Cream.

I went into this just wanting to feel better and increase my focus and sex drive, but I was hoping a side benefit would be increased muscle size. I have been doing TRT now for 4 months. When will I see real results? Am I just being too impatient? What T- levels should I be at before I start feeling and seeing a real difference?

T levels in the 600’s are plenty enough to see muscle gains in the gym…most likely, your routine, work ethic, and/or diet are to blame and not your T levels.

Read the stickeys for explanations of reasons why you are probably not yet feeling like a million bucks. There is more to this than just Total T (though from a muscle building perspective, there isn’t much)

Okay, thanks for the input. Which sticky are you talking about in particular? I could post my current workout to get feedback on it. Where should I post that? I am new to the forum so I want to make sure I am following the right protocol.

If you have been lifting for a while, the Bodybuilding forum is probably approrpriate for your workout routine critique. Beginners forum may be more appropriate though since you are asking for a critique.

The stickeys you want to pay attention to are the:
Estradiol: Why you should care
Prototype - Advice for New Guys
Lab Work, Blood Testing and Symptoms

In that order. The latter two have a lot of overlap.

Thanks again. You have me curious about my Estradiol levels. I’m going to you to a local lab tomorrow and get everything thing checked so I can see for my self, then I will post for feedback.

I’m also going to post my workout in the over 35 lifter to see if everything is okay from that frount.

Wanted to get some opions on my updated labs. I am in between labs with my doctor, but after finding this forum and reading some of the post, I decieded to get some done at a local Any Lab Test Now, to see the levels for my self. About 2 months ago my total T was in the low 600’s and my doc wanted to try to get me up to 1000 so he increased the % of T Cream I am on.

I am another month out before I go see my doc again. Now my T and especially Free T are high and and looks like my Estradiol my be high too? How do you think thinks are looking. Should I go back early to see my doc? Any recommendations on what I should say to him?







it all depends.

what are your current symptoms/issues?

have you ever tested or confirmed your TSH level?

Just wanted to update my current stats for feedback on current stats and see if anyone sees anything of concern. I am feeling great, my mood, outlook, energy, sense of wellbeing and ability to be more outgoing have all improved. My sex drive is off the chart-- in a good way!!!

My doc switched me to injectables about 2 months ago. Was on Test Cream, but was seeing much result and found out it was more expensive than injectable so he agreed to change to cypionate.

One month ago, by Labs looked as follows:
Test: 1117 ng/dl (ref: 241-827)
TSH: 4.94 uIU/ml (ref: 0.80-2.10)
T3: 1.15 ng/mL (ref: 0.27-4.20)
E2: 71.8 pg/ml (ref: 7.6-42.6)
FTI: 2.2 Index (ref: 1.2-4.9)
T-UPTAKE/2: 36.0 % (ref: 20-36)
T4-2: 6.2 ug/dl (ref: 4.0-10.9)

We only discussed the High E2 and he increased my Anastrozole. Here is my current protocol:
Test cypionate 200mg 1ml wk
HCG 2000u vial 250 units twice a week (He said I only need to do this one Month then take 2 off)
Anastrozole now .5mg EOD

Any feedback welcome.

Im confused–what was the protocol at the time of your lab?

Your thyroid is terrible. E2 is sky high.

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
Im confused–what was the protocol at the time of your lab?

Your thyroid is terrible. E2 is sky high.


The following is what my doc switched me to after the blood work I posted:
Test cypionate 200mg 1ml wk
HCG 2000u vial 250 units twice a week
Anastrozole now .5mg EOD

Haven’t had any BW since I have been on this for about 3 weeks now.

Prior, I was on the follwing. This is what the BW was meassurng:

Test cypionate 200mg 1ml wk
Anastrozole now .1mg 5 days a week


And you are feeling great? Any negative symptoms?

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:

And you are feeling great? Any negative symptoms?[/quote]

As far as my Thyroid being messed up… I guess you were talking about TSH? I noticed that was high too, but doc didn’t say anything. Other Thyroid reading in this test seem to be okay. What would the high TSH be an indication of?

As far as negatives, only thing is something I found today at work. I haven’t taken my blood pressure in a while and I took it at a machine today. My systolic has gone up in the last 2 months. Was like 117, today was 138. My diastolic looks like it has gone down from 78 to 74.

Other than that, things are great. I guess I need to keep an eye on the BP, but should I be concerned at this point? This does seem to be a pretty big jump.

I was on Test cream for about 6 months before he switched me to injectables and didn’t notice any big change in BP.

Thanks for any input.

machines are notoriously inaccurate…unless you had been measuring it on the same machine i wouldnt sweat one reading from a random machine that much.