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Figuring Out How Many Injections Per Vial?

A bit confused about the mathematics of injecting.
About to start a Test E only cycle, vial says it contains 10ml. If I am pinning 500 mg per week, then one vial should last me two weeks, correct?
I am using a 2.5 ml syrine, so the full length of the syringe, pinned A total of 4 times = 1 vial.

Just need to be re assured, thanks.

This made my head hurt.

Ok you have a 10ml bottle somewhere on that bottle or package is something that says

“250mg/ml” or something similar.

You should be getting way more than 2 weeks worth out of a vial unless it’s dosed.


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Test E 250 - 250mg per 1ml
Test E 300 - 300mg per 1ml
Test E 400 - 400mg per 1ml

Get it? Lol

Haha yeh I get it now, thanks guys.u

Honestly, if you can’t figure out basic math I don’t think you should be injecting things into your body.


can’t tell if ur trolling or not but if u are serious, sounds like you need to do more research. whats your cycle?

If I were you I’d invest that money into taking a math class instead of gear :wink:

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If this math is a bit advanced for you, do us all a favor and stay away from peptides :laughing: