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Figuring Out Calories to Drop Fat


So for those of you who have dropped fat, how have you worked out your calorie allowance while dieting? I looked at the article Romaniello wrote on here a while back, and his formulas have me eating just over 2300 cals a day. Considering I weigh 245 with bodyfat in the high teens, does that cal amount sound too low/too high? My activity level to begin with will just be my usual 5 a week weight training sessions, and i plan to add in hiit at some point.


How do we know?

This isn't a matter of what "sounds" too low.

Why don't you do it and see what happens in two weeks?


Sounds fine, now try it.

Also, calories aren't everything, don't do the twinkie diet.


Personally sounds too low if I had to say one way or the other. If I were you, I would calculate what I'm eating on average over the course of the week and then determine if my weight stayed relatively consistent over that period of time. If it did (should be caloric maintenance level), take the average calories consumed per day during that time and subtract 500 which should put you in a deficit. If after a week or two of being at that number of calories you don't lose any weight, drop it another 250-500 and see what happens. That's a better starting place than dropping calories that low that quickly in my opinion.


Yeah I felt it seemed too low but wanted to see what opinions were out there. When I was trying to put on mass I didn't pay attention to the calories/macros etc. i just ate until my weight started increasing. But I feel that with dropping weight I want to be a bit more analytical and do thing as optimally and efficiently as possible. I think I will take your approach to ensure this.


well that didnt take long did it . seems like your "what the f=== is so hard " thread was a waist of time after all .