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Figuring Out BodyFat %


Where/How do I find about what mine is?


Post a picture holding a shoe!

Or ask at your gym. Accept no less then a 7 site skinfold test.





Honestly, it's shit like this that keeps me coming back to this site ... too bad OP doesn't get it


Theres an article on here... Saying about how the guys back in the day did it. Extend your arm e.g. unflexed - measure it. Measure it tensed/flexed if there is 1.5inches difference your roughly 10% bodyfat. If theres not 1.5inches difference work it out accordingly.

This isn't 100% accurate but it's ok as a rough idea.


That method sounds pretty useless to me. I just measured up, and there was pretty much exactly a 1.5" difference. There's no way in hell I'm anywhere near to 10% body fat (I wish :(). I'm more like double that these days.


Does a boot work?


well, tbh, the cowboy boot throws off the measurement by +/- 3% ... it's be a lot more accurate if it was a sneaker, preferably an Air Force 1 by nike .. but I'd say you're somewhere between 10% - 35% ... like I said, the cowboy boot throws off the measurement


Nike Shox?

Those 2 kids crack me up everytime BruceLee.


Hell yeah, see just compare the 2 pics, it's instantly added 10lb of muscle to you and dropped you to 6% fat...great job :slight_smile:

Seriously, if you really want to measure it get a 'good' trainer to do it and make sure when you measure it later on to compare, you use the same method (and if calipers preferably the same person measuring you too).


Haha it would be great if he actually got it. Someone link that thread, I for the life of me cannot find it.


Assuming you want to make progress with your body composition, buy a caliper like the SlimGuide or Accu-measure and follow the directions that come with it.

To track changes in bodyfat, you don't need to estimate bodyfat percentage with the equations/charts; just track skinfold thickness.

If you want to know your BF% more accurately (though I don't know why you would), then find a gym or lab with a BodPod.


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