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Figuring Out a Diet for My Brother

I’m trying to figure out a good diet for my brother. his weight is a concern of mine, not necessarily his. He is a big ass mutha, picture brock lesner but at about 350lbs. I would like to see him around 280 ish. I’m going back on my old diet of mass protein and low cals with more activity. basically cutting out all the empty carbs and eating like a cave man. fruit, nuts, veggies, brown rice, red meat, chicken, a lot of fish, a good protein shake and working out. that took off about 50lbs off me.

curious if there was a set plan I could put him on. I like the v-diet but he is outta the wieght class, even considered the anobolic. but I dont think he can fallow the 30 gram rule.

Any thoughts?

The best thing you could possibly do is to be a huge success with your physique change. If he’s going to try, it’s best for you to lead by example. I understand your concern for your brother’s health, but you have to understand that it’s his life and he’s gonna live it however he wants.

So make him want it.

Making someone do something they don’t want to do is one of the hardest things you can do. Jay is right - you have to lead by example and make him WANT to lose weight.

Lots of people do not like diving head first into a radical new diet. Try encouraging him to make small changes in his food choices and then move from there. Get a couple gym memberships and start hitting the gym together. Having a dieting/training partner can make all the difference.

I would echo what Jay is saying here.

thats whats killing me, my brother in law is a doctor and has told him the medical implications of what will happen to him if he fallows along the path he’s on. He has also seen my transformation, the comments and booty I get b/c of it.

I know the issue of not wanting to change, because its hard and its a comfort thing. I’ve tried to lead by example, going out to eat and I get a salad and a lean cut of meat. Him, chicken wings and loaded baked potatoes. Shit like that. Even portion control. I think he just needs a program, he is one those type people.

I just dont get it, the man was a wrestler in high school, so I know he has discipline. I guess I do all the cooking and only make healthy stuff. that and make em go walking/running with me.

Well, if the ‘nice’ approach isn’t working, try being an asshole to him. Make him feel uncomfortable being fat. Make fun of him, gloat about the girls you get, take your shirt off in front of him and flex your pecs. Eventually he’ll get sick of it and realize that his body sucks and yours is good.

People will not change unless they are uncomfortable. Make him uncomfortable.

SUCCESS, he wants to ride my bike and is taking an interest in “healthier” foods. He is also asking questions which I think is a step in the right direction. maybe I’ll put him on the “V-Diet lite”