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Figuring Out a Bench Progression for a Weakling

Hey, i had an account before that i pissed everyone off on, don’t remember the info though, feel like i should make that clear - hate me!

Ok enough with the nonsense, i’m not a beginner i’ll make that clear right now (unless i can suddenly do LP again i wouldn’t consider my self one). But, i’m weak as a beginner for the reason that i started lifting at around 120lbs. This is about 8 months ago, i did start a year ago if you want to count the first time i fucked around in the gym, but i was unable to lp, had shit equipment, no ability to squat, so i just count the day i started in my room with good equipment.

So, i started at 120lbs, around a 100lb bench max, 120lb squat max, and a 135lb deadlift max (my very first days were way worse, like half that^)
Currently i’m 163lbs, with a 165-170lb bench max, 240-255 squat max, and a 300lb deadlift.

I failed to progress effectively on bench at around 100lbs, quitting LP at 115 to run canditos.

Canditos is adding zero to my bench at this point. But, his 6 week bench program brought me from 150 to 165-170. it really worked well. I can do 150lbs 10x3 now

issue: you can’t run this program in succession with its self. it’s just too hard to recover from (my ribs hurt because of all the intensity)

So, after reading a few books about fatigue management, specificity of training, overload etc i have become aware of two important ways to increase strength
Hypertrophy: minimum intensity 60% high volume that never is sacrificed but maintained or increased
Strength: minimum intensity 75%

I feel like my best bet right now is just to try and build muscle, so that means doing something like Jason Blaha’s Off Season Linear Periodization Intermediate Strength Program #1.

Issue: bimonthly realizations will probably result in less than optimal strength gains
But, i’m curious about the hypertrophy gains even if the strength gains end up being pretty low like 10lbs.
There is zero way that i need bimonthly progression at a 165lb bench and good nutrition and sleep. (or maybe i misunderstand a 12week program, idk the gains you can make)

Does anyone have experience with this? Maybe i could concurrently (strict sense of the word, so volume and intensity +++) adjust intensities in a LP sort of fashion to make up for the issue i mentioned assuming i’m right? (in the blaha program)

thank you

Can anyone guess why this doesn’t surprise me? Win a prize.

And you are qualified to give advice to much more experienced and stronger people than yourself, and call people morons at the same time. Congratulations.

What’s new? Better quit now while you’re ahead.

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Now here’s your problem. You’re stupid and you’re too big a dickhead to be able to do anything about it.

I recommend the starting strength forums. This has two benefits - they accept this nonsense and may help you and it gets you far away from us -
Just incase your problems aren’t genetic and we contract them.


Unlucky mane. Third time lucky tho?

I’ve heard good things about that program, but I’d steer him towards J-Mac Blowhole’s Mid-Season Quadratic Periodized Universal Power Template. It is like a Texas Method optimized for the world’s deadliest commandos.


Omg dude lol. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Ironic, kid

  • perfect form on every lift
  • can’t LP
  • Can consistently hit maxes without shitty ass form

You can’t even use proper grammar, despite your attempts. Even funnier considering that you’re trying to insult others.

You kids are so dissonant and hypocritical, too. For instance, you peabrains generally suggest that people like me add 30lbs upper, and 60lbs lower per month. Then you go on and suggest that we run 5/3/1 lmfao. How moronic. which is it that you want? Also, how can you recommend (i’m generalizing, you seem to identify with the crowd) an “intermediate” program for what you consider to be a novice? You realize MAV changes, but MRV doesn’t? How can you call anyone dumb if you’re too ignorant to be cognizant of basic principles?

Oh wow the social anxiety struck aspiring cyborg, who regards the body - axiom - as an organic machine (How clever and original!?) disapproves of a properly periodized program.

I assume you would rather be whetting your mind than overloading mine? You’re really really smart, you shouldn’t waste your time with me, instead, you should go enjoy some transformers.

I am done being an inconvenience, so forgive me because i know that I am messing with fire, actually an “Inferno” (a finely tuned inferno).

You’re awful sensitive. The bold text above is a sentence fragment.


Good. Now leave and dont bother making another account.

It is my opinion that you are getting bogged down in the details. To put it another way, you’re majoring in the minors.

You probably won’t find anyone who will suggest you follow the strength training program of a compulsive liar with no real accomplishments to stand on. I’d be among the crowd who would suggest vanilla 5/3/1 or perhaps one of his mass-focused templates over something from Blaha any day, all day. That said, if you believe in a youtube fraud’s strength program, just run it and see what happens. It was probably stolen from someone else and its not like you’ll get weaker from lifting weights.

You’re at a stage where the little details don’t really matter that much. If you lift with intensity, consistency and keep adding weight to the bar, you’re going to get stronger as long as you’re eating to get stronger and lay down new muscle tissue. I’ve seen gym bros lift with no real plan but come in and bust ass on their 3 sets of 10 week after week and get to a 315 bench in a few years.

You can too.


Moderator: move this to the psychiatric help forum


Do you not get that just because your TM goes up 5 lbs, doesn’t mean you only increased your 1RM by 5 lbs?..


I think you need a nap lol, and to read my entire log, not just my introduction, if you’re going to try and pick me apart.

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Don’t talk shit about Jason Blaha. He’s an ex-CIA mercenary reptilian alpha male with an 11th degree black belt.


Seems like you struggle with being honest. Try again, baby boy.

Of course, i always get stronger, but I’m not looking to make neural adaptations the fovea of my training.
I am not competing for a while, therefore there is zero reason to even train above ~80% my 1 rep max.
It causes more fatigue per volume than lower intensity training, while not maximizing muscular hypertrophy. I could have spent my time doing more work for muscle development, but instead, it’d be wasted needlessly recovering for an adaptation that has zero specificity towards my goal.

There is nothing pedantic about this either, these concepts have real effects on training and result in real adaptations that aren’t insignificant. It’s not beneficial, and directed adaptation is important. it’s completely hypocritical to scoff at it when the reason you love the program that you do is because it follows that principle to a significant degree. Without specificity you wouldn’t be achieving your goals. You can’t effectively adapt to 10,000 different things. It’s just another thing that contributes to spinning your wheels.

If I can effectively find a program that suits my needs then i am obviously going to go for it. It’s completely moronic to say someone is wasting their time when they are lifting, and just planning a new block of training, while at the same time spitting out dogma that is less thoughtful, but practically the same thing as you’re preaching against. It’s just bias.

The question was a MRV concern of blahas program, i wanted to know (since i’ve moronically never done high volume training) how difficult it actually is to progress in the manner that is done in his program, or if i could concurrently add intensity too, without sacrificing volume.

All I get in response is dumb ass pea brain pattern recognition, it’s completely predictable, and 100% fallacious.

Obviously, if you lift heavier you’re going to make fucking gains, but no one’s after simply making gains or you wouldn’t be concerned with any program and you’d just be fucking around. There are obviously better ways, and being dogmatic and generalizing is not how you optimize shit, and optimize isn’t associated with a 5% increase in whatever variable that aids in your powerlifting, it can be significantly more, especially if you’re late novice/early intermediate as my self.

Focusing on the wrong shit is absolutely pointless, i’m not looking for anything but a base, LP is finished, and now the focus should be volume and hitting my MRV in a high volume manner to elicit the most adaptations where it matters for now.