Figuring Doses Is Difficult

Hi All,
I thought I was a member here for many, many years but can not sign on so made up a new account.
I am 55 and on TRT 7 years. Started around 48 with Cyp at 150 week which was high but the Dr. went with it. No AI and blood work once per year. I left that clinic a couple years ago as they started to offer non TRT products. (Tren, Anadrol) and I thought it was just a matter of time before they got shut down.
I am stuck with 10 vials of Sustanon 250 that I have been using the last year or so. Dosage is approx. 125 mg. week split in two shots. Well, I had bloods done recently. (I live in MA and you cannot order your own tests, must go through Dr. so I did find one online but a simple Male Hormone Screen is around $260 out of pocket. Shows TT, FT, Estradiol, and a couple other things.
This dose has not been cutting it. Fatigue, anxiety, no wood at all for the last 6 months. I did have knee surgery so was out of the gym for 6 months so I know mentally that has a lot to do with it.
I had test results come in from Lab Corp on June 4th. Total test was 854 ng/dl, Free Test was 189.6 pg/ml. I was ok with that. But my Estradiol came back at 72 pg./ml. High. I took Arimidex on and off but never followed a strict schedule. 1 mg. this week, none the next, 3 mg. a month later. Total disaster and no proper planning due to the difficulty and cost of getting your own blood tests in my state.
So, I am back at the gym and going to do a quick 6-8 week blast of 500mg. split in 2 shots, say Tuesday and Friday. I will take Arimi .25mg on shot day, so .5/per week. I will re-do bloods in about 4-6 weeks depending on how I feel. Hopefully this will work out.
I am hoping to gain back lost muscle from my layoff and also improve my mood, sex life, and general well being. I know Sust is not ideal for TRT but I have it and will just run it out and replace with Cyp when the time comes.
Now, I generally carry about 25% body fat and am now 245 lbs., 6’2". I was a powerlifter when I was younger and low bodyfat is not in my genetic make up. I gain both muscle and fat at a decent rate. When younger on cycles I quickly realized dbol or any heavy androgens are not for me.
So, what I am asking is with my genetics, age, body fat, etc. Do you think .25 Arimi x2 per week is over doing it or not enough. Of course I will adjust depending on how I feel before next bloods. I do need an AI since at 500 mg. in the past the nips get tender and I swell.
I realize everyone is different and bloodwork is a must. After this quick blast I want to return to 125 mg./week of Cypionate and get my bloods done after a couple months and tweak anti e’s as needed.