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Figuring Calories When Cooking for Family?


If I cook a dish like chicken cacciatore for my entire family, it's difficult to figure how many calories and grams of protein I obtained from the meal. The chicken is chopped up and everyone is served from the bowl. I may get more or less than them etc.

When I grill a piece of chicken, I know exactly how much I'm eating and how much protein I'm getting.

Is there a remedy for this situation?


Dude, for the love of God. Assuming that your avatar is a picture of you, I think most here will promise you that the amount of thought you're putting into this stuff is not paying out. Every time you ask a question on this forum, it's a question that seems to be coming from either a crazy person or someone who is absolutely on top of his game. And frankly, if you were the latter then you wouldn't need to ask the question.

Just stop overthinking really small things. Eat right, sleep right, and lift heavy things. If you're seriously at the point where you're letting this stuff interfere with something like eating with your family, then you should really ask yourself whether it's worth it. Sometimes it is worth it (e.g. a family that eats absolute junk all the time or has some sort of aversion to exercise), but it's often not.


Calculate the whole and divide. Approximately anyways.


To echo The3Commandments, maybe this stuff shouldn't worry you too much. But there is always a food scale if you absolutely must know how much of something you're eating



Facko-- I say this as a guy who loves food and who loves to cook (check out La Cucina thread) and has been down the road of measuring everything:

When you cook a meal like chicken cacciatore for the family, just sit down and enjoy it. Eat until you feel like you've had enough and savor every bite.

You look like a fit dude. Unless you have a competition pending, seriously just use this meal as a reward for your hard work. If you feel like you overate after, then certainly hit the gym with extra intensity next time.


Thanks a lot man...No competitions lol...


I agree with you on most of what you've said...but, to go as far as to say things aren't paying out? I believe that to be 1. wrong and 2. pretty dick to say, lol.

It depends on goals and how you measure success in your endeavors. For me, I've never attained any legitimate level of leanness until I became a "crazy person" and obsessed over the details, counted calories, counted macros every day etc. Am I big? No...But, I have been over 180lbs..unfortunately, I was also around or over 16% bodyfat. Why is it that people on this site seem to appreciate when a guy bulks to the point of abandoning counting calories and loses all definition...but, on the other side of the spectrum, there is zero appreciation for the effort put into being lean at the expense of some bodyweight.

In other words...if I came on this forum and talked about how I just eat everything and lift and weighed 30lbs more with no ab visibility..you wouldn't give me any shit at all. I know this because when I DID do that, noone gave me shit on here.


This is false. My reply wasn't just about this thread--it was about the totality of the very odd threads that you make on this site. To be honest, you don't come across as someone who is just trying for that extra bit of leanness; instead, you come across as someone who has an unhealthy relationship with food/your body/etc. And that's not an insurmountable problem--I definitely have some of those characteristics myself and try hard to work through/around them. But I would just encourage you to look back on your threads and such and see whether they come across as a bit off to you, as well as why you often get responses like "Dude, you make threads about weird things."


You share your food?! Stop sharing your food then you will know exactly how much you get to eat!


Don't cook for other people. Problem solved :slight_smile:



This. You know what's going in, so you really should be able to estimate the macros fairly easily. If you want to be anal about it, you can always portion out and get a slightly better estimate.


Telling the guy that measures his Fruit Loops if he wants to be anal about it??

Take it from someone that has done buffets for thousands. Calculate the whole and divide. Buy a scoop/laddle/spoon of x amount and scoop away.

BTW. You should stop justifying yourself. What you are doing is working for you. Pretty sure if you wanted to get bigger, it would take you 5 minutes to figure your macros and you would achieve your goal.



I still don't get the bs about the fruit loops, lol.

When you drink Surge recovery..there is a specified ratio/amount of SIMPLE sugars per gram of protein. I do not at all separate or see a difference between the dextrose/malto in surge or any other recovery drink or that of kids cereal. My PWO nutrition is therefore... whey isolate and kids cereal. The reason I therefore measure out the cereal is to derive the amount of carbs I need from it for post workout nutrition reasons.

I don't weigh cheat foods nor calculate them..I don't consider kids cereal as a cheat food in the context I described above and that's why it's weighed.


And I appreciate the kind words, bro.