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Figuring Calories for Home Cooked Meals


This bugs me..I set up an allotted amount of cals for the day, which is made up of a certain gram number of carbs, fats and protein. This makes it very difficult to eat with my family if my mom cooks a dinner.. I can't accurately figure what I'm eating and how it fits in.

For instance tonight...New york strip steak..pizziola style (a tomato sauce made with tamatoes, olive oil, some romano cheese, spices etc.).. roasted potatoes which have olive oil, a bit of romano cheese etc. As you can see, fats of which I can't accurately figure how to calculate as my intake. 2 tablespoons of olive oil..1? 2 tablespoons of romano..? etc. One person may eat more share of potatoes than another..how many potatoes is that even.. This dieting shit drives me the fuck nuts.


even though Leangains allows you to save up for big meals during the feasting window, you think meals like the one above are an issue? all the ingredients sound pretty legit to me, even though they may knock your macro ratios for the day slightly off.


Yea you are right Niko...I'm seriously over analyzing shit as of late...Thanks man


Cool the meal for you and your family?


Yes..I just recently graduated college..still living at home until I find good employment. On Sundays especially, my parents like to at together as a family and cook a great tasting meal. I must say...it is never "crap"..like mac n cheese or something of that nature. It is typically a lean protein source with a starch source..but the lean protein source is usually cooked in EVOO in some form. My dad is a great cook...probably because he knows how to dress foods with olive oil, romano cheese etc.. It just tends to really skew the fat content, and I can't accurately figure how many calories I've consumed.

Approx. 90% of the food I eat..I cook myself. I still sit and eat with my parents most nights, but I make my own dinner and they make their own dinner..


its tough to say when you aren't the one cooking it. when this stuff happens to me and I'm cutting or maintaining, I make sure that I'm eating enough total protein first of all and secondly I don't overdo the carbs. If I'm trying to gain weight, well then its game on.

its pretty easy to eyeball the amount of protein in lean meat.