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Figured This Would Be The Best. . .

Place to introduce myself.

I’m 19 (college student) and a former lurker/random poster, who hasn’t the time to stay current here. But, I’m back and ready to soak up the knowledge that’s in abundance around here and help out where I can.

Don’t worry all you long-time posters, I’ve read all the issues and know how to use the search function. And for Shugs, I know when to shut up. :wink: You won’t see me dishing out half-cocked advice.

My current goal is to pack on some more mass. . . winter starts early up here in Duluth. :smiley: My stats: 6’3"; 190; with body fat kept in the range of 8 to 10%.

My training split is currently of the 4 day variety. It’s a working combo of things found here and the knowledge of friend who’s also a professional trainer. . . don’t worry, he’s not one of the evil ones, he knows his stuff. I’d be more than happy to post it if anyone wants to use, critique, poke fun at, whatever. Plan on carrying this out till Thanksgiving, then switching to a few weeks of full-body workouts, before jumping headfirst into O.V.T.

My diet for this is JB’s massive eating, with calorie adjustments as needed. The P + C; P + F meal combo, with the carbs 6 hours after training really works for me. I’ve already layed into my Human Nutrition professor. She looked dumbfounded by my “question” about insulin excretion, sensitivity and body composition based on certain meal combos. I just sat back and smirked.

Alright, well, I guess that about sums it up for me. I’m sure no one remembers me, but I’m glad to be back.

Oh, and if Goldberg is still around, yes, I deadlift. :wink:


Welcome back!


Yes be a sponge. Mop up all the knowledge you can at all times.

Go be a sponge, and at times a leaky sponge. One which grants us with little drips of knowledge from the HUGE amounts of info. that has compiled and melded within your storage over time. LOL

I was feelin a bit wacky this morning. Must be the Power Drive and green tea taking effect.

Anyway, good to have you around. Look forward to seeing some quality ?'s and answers from you in the future.


Hey Atmosphere. Glad to see a fellow Duluthian at this site. Do you live in Duluth year round or just for school? Do you train at the U? I train sometimes at the YMCA.

[quote]campdirector wrote:
Hey Atmosphere. Glad to see a fellow Duluthian at this site. Do you live in Duluth year round or just for school? Do you train at the U? I train sometimes at the YMCA.

Sweet! Last time I was here, there were very few people from Minnesota, let alone actually Duluth. That’s awesome!

It’s kind of a complicated situation. . . this is my first year of school, and I’m not originally from here. I had taken a year off to work at a job I loved (and was being overpayed for). But, I’ve got a place off campus here and will be living here year round now, especially with my girlfriend moving in when she comes from Boston.

I’m not training at the U, I’d go insaneb and be forced to choke the majority of guys my age who’d be there curling in the squat rack. However, I did find that brand-new Anytime Fitness just down the road from me in Hermantown. I thought it was going to be one of those “jazzercise joke” places, but nope, they’ve got all new equipment with multiple squat racks and a power rack. Even better is the real equipment is tucked away,
around a corner, from the treadmills. And their benches and freeweights also rock. I really like the place, and there’s never anyone there.

How do you like the Y? I honestly don’t even know where that’s at. :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t had much time to explore yet, but, damn, do I love it up here! Any places to go before the snow starts piling up?

Thanks everyone for the kind welcome, and Zeb, the name rings a bell. :wink:

I have heard of the new place but I have not been there. The Y is ok. I use it because I work there (which makes it free) Lots of machines, so the free weight area is usually empty. I usually lift in my basement. Duluth is a great place! Take a drive up the North Shore. Gorgeous!
Camp Director

Woo! Minnesota. Yea I lurk here too, don’t post much. Nice to meet ya.

The name rings a bell huh? Well…maybe we went to different schools together :slight_smile: