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Figured I'd Introduce Myself


Not sure if this is where this thread belongs, but here goes.

Well, after about 2 years on another forum (which shall remain nameless) I'm branching out. I'm getting sick of their bullshit. That's what brings me here.

For a while, I've been reading every article T NATION posts. Then I realized there was a T NATION forum. That was yesterday.

Looking forward to (hopefully) not dealing with the shit I do on the other forums!

(Link to my training journal soon)





PS should I be turned on right now?


Oh, hey there. Welcome.

I'm Ct. Rockula, I like......happy things.



get ready for a whole closet full of awesomness!

super spectacular!


Why hello there! Me too!

Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of wealth and taste.


Nice to MEAT you all.

This will be fun.


Hi I'm skyzyks, the guy in the pic IH posted.



You're a lucky man.


Which one of those guys does not belong there....?


Beware of the vampires.


Welcome. Now tell me where there is a gym somewhere around Haverhill and/or Wilmington. Going there on business.


No idea. I'm in the Greater Boston area...




They're not that far from Boston. Near Salem, IIRC.

Speaking of Salem, that place goes bananas for Halloween. I should make a visit.



I was watching Antichrist(movie) and the opening scene is a slow mo sex scene and part of the scene is a slow mo clip of a penis going into and out of a vagina. 0_0

I'm sure they used porn stars for the sex part.

Yeah Netflix!


So what was this other forum you left and what kind of pictures did they post when you introduced yourself?


Is that the strange horror flick where the woman eventually cuts off her own labia with a pair of scissors?


Son of a bitch! WTF?


Hmmm not sure. I did not get to finish it yet half way through. I sometimes start movies and then not finish them. :slightly_smiling:

Oh and ewwww if that happens I will be skipping that part.