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Figure It Out, Fat Bastard! My Diet Blog

Here is my story:

I used to (up until nov 2008) play college football. I was an undersized Offensive Lineman (6’2, around 260-265lbs) and I got hurt pretty bad. A nagging shoulder injury turned surgery and a torn meniscus in the knee later, I have decided to give up football and turn to training for fun and to look good.

Sunday I weighed 260.0 lbs on our school scale. The sad part is that I have put on 23 pounds since my freshman year. And it wasn’t all muscle I’ll tell you.

Now that I don’t have the fear of being too small in my head from football, the focus has turned to getting leaned out, and then getting back to building 20 inch arms!

I am going to give Dr. Berardi’s Get Shredded diet a run for its money for the next 6 weeks. ( http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_diet_mass/the_get_shredded_diet )

Diet will be roughly

~50g protein
~50g healthy fats
~20 g carbs

every meal, 4x day. This will give me 2920 calories, essentially my BMR.

10x fish oil capsules (3 at every meal plus 1 before bed)
20g creatine (5g between every meal)
1 scoop Greens+ (Daily, before breakfast)

Training Wise I will be following Destroying Fat
War Room Strategies to Maximize Fat Loss
by Christian Thibaudeau

4 workout sessions a week, mixing up 2 heavy lifting days (one with post-workout sprints) and 2 circuit training days with sustained cardio (20-30 min sessions)

Thoughts on training, how I am feeling and general updates will come at least 3+ times per week, most likely more.

Wish me luck ladies and gentlemen. Here goes everything. :slight_smile:

Start Date: March 30th 2009
Finish Date: May 3rd 2009

Just getting that out there, making it real for myself and others

I found the link to the CT article “Destroying Fat”

Looks pretty good. The lactic acid production is a real asskicker in a good way!

4 days in to the diet, im feeling pretty good as expected.

I weighed in at 254lbs today post workout, so probably around 255 with water and food in me.

Thats not too bad at all considering I weighed 260 on sunday! But not getting ahead of myself, I still have another 38 days to go.

Tonight is a bar night at my school, it will be interesting to go out and sip on some diet coke and lime and tonics all night.

The food part of the diet is good. I feel very full after breakfast (4 eggs, 1 cup veggies, 2oz hard cheese, 1 peice toast with peanut butter), but the evenings are tough. I think i eat a lot when I am bored. So avoiding that is my key concern!

i am a little more than 1 week into the diet, and I weighed in today at 252.4 lbs in the nude!

The diet is going very well, but it is expensive. Going through 1.5lbs of chicken at close to $6 a pound is rough on the wallet for a poor student.

Im eating a ton of veggies to fill in the seemingly endless void in my stomach.

My strength does not seem to have diminished,this is possibly due to the high creatine consumption, and maybe the high protein consumption is what i needed to kickstart muscle development. Who knows.

Next update in a week or so.

2 weeks into the diet, I weighed in at 252.4 lbs again…

I have started taking between 15 and 20 grams of creatine daily, this may be adding some water weight, so the true number may be a little lower.

I am doing a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio each morning before breakfast (jogging, biking, stairclimbing etc). This should boost my weight loss as well.

Hunger is starting to come down a little bit, but I still have to really control myself for my later meals.

You’re doing well. Don’t stress about the hunger; you’ll get used to the diet.
good luck

Thanks for the support friend.

Today, post workout i weighed in at 249lbs. awesome! only 14 more pounds until i am at my goal weight of 235!!

I have traded John Berardi’s diet for the recent article on Carb Cycling, “A Beginner’s Guide to Carb Cycling” by Matt McGorry.


This seems to be a more realistic diet, and also I am enjoying this format more than the super low carb diet I was on before.