Figure Competitors in the DC/Maryland Area?


I’m completely new to the figure/natural body building competition aspect of training ( but Im not a rookie in the gym)

I’m looking for workout buddies/ a workout buddie in the area with the same goal as me. TRAINING TO COMPETE ( and of course stay lean all year round)

If that’s you please feel free to contact me so that we can share our experiences and maybe even work out together…

I hope to hear from you guys soon…

what part of MD??

ok, that was a silly question…I’m assuming in DC?

not a silly questiona at all… :slight_smile: I live in oxon hill, md. Behind the National Harbor to be exact. Where do you live mom-in-md?

Lexington Park, on the base to be exact :wink:

I think I was up that way last year to see a friend compete in the Yorton Cup. The show next year I’d like to compete in if I could just grow a pair and make my mind already.

If you thought about it, I would say do it. I’ll make it up for you girl! :slight_smile:

I know right? You only live once!
Just training for the experience would be awesome, but can’t quite picture myself up on that stage in a tiny suit. eeep!

So what about yourself? When do you think your first show would be? And would it be figure or natural bb’ing? I’d go for bb’ing myself…