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It's my first post so forgive me if I'm asking questions that have already been answered. I placed third in my first show, moving onto provincials (I'm Canadian) in June, I just wanted to get some advice.

Currently, my nutrition is pretty bang on, I could go into detail if needed, but it's really my supplementation pre, intra, and post that I question.

About 45 mins pre, I consume about a litre of water to maximize pump, intra, I consume 15g protein, 15g vitargo, and post, I drink the another 15g of protein and vitargo, followed by post workout meal 90 mins later.

Do I need to add bcaa's, I just recently switched from solely consuming bcaa's during my workout to protein & vitargo, there is some of course in my protein, but I'm unsure what exact amount is needed and if I'm getting enough now. Also, should I be adding electrolytes as well?

130, 14% body fat.


I’d like to help but I think I need to see some pics to really assess the situation, and provide you with the most accurate information :wink:


Way to be a creeper… did you miss Chris’ article?


Isn’t Vitargo the best?! It doesn’t give me a buzz at all but the last set is way easier allowing me to add some weight and maybe even get in one or two more reps. I love the stuff but man…it’s expensive. I start drinking it about 10 minutes prior to my workout and I include Scivation Xtend BCAAs and 1/3 of my protein as well as my creatine. It’s been pretty productive for me but I’m a dude so there may be a few differences here and there. BCAAs are critical for repairing and building muscle as well as providing energy (blood delivery) so I would keep them in your intra workout drink.


Plazma is the ideal if you can get hold of biotest supps in canada, otherwise get some hydro whey and karbolyn