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Figure Coach -- Bad Advice?

Hey all,

I met a friend of a friend who is training for a figure competition and is 13 weeks out.

She is training under this coach:


Now she found out I was a trainer and asked my opinion about her supplements.

The trainer has her on CLA, BCAA, EFA’s, (so far so good), and “Cutter” and “Firedrine” and the girl said that she’s been throwing up ever since starting on this “Firedrine”.

The label claims are as such:


What caught my attention was this:

Guarana 800mg (20%) = 160mg caffeine

24mg ephedrine alkaloids
88mg caffeine
5mg synephrine
11mg salicilin

So this small-built asian girl is being put on 24mg ephedrine with 248mg caffeine in a single dose.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that what they give to 300 lbs obese people?

No wonder she’s throwing up.

I recommended she go on regular old, over-the-counter ECA with the real drug ingredients (legal in Canada) as I am against the “herbal alternatives” for a number of health and safety reasons.

Also, she is on Tribulus, which I recommended against b/c she’s a woman and the LH boost will not boost her testosterone it will only make her ovulate.

I’d like some constructive criticism on my recommendations as well as for you add your own.



She really should have had it figured out as soon as she started throwing up. You’re right, that’s a crazy amount of eph and caffeine at once for a small female. Does the caoch know she’s puking it up? He’d probably recommend she cut back as well, at least I’d hope.


The old ECA stack was

25 mgs Ephedrine
200 mgs Caffeine
1 aspirin (forgot dosage)

That would be taken a maximum of 3 times a day by somebody cutting. For a month I could only tolerate it twice a day. Otherwise I just stared at the ceiling at night. After a month, I could take it 3 times a day. However, it did not make me nauseous.

Guarana is an allergen to me. I can’t tolerate it at all. Perhaps your friend is allergic to it too. She might be sensitive to stimulants and/or guarana or another ingredient in those products. Without a little experimentation with other stimulants/products, it’s hard to say exactly what the culprit is.

She definitely needs to stop the products making her sick.