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Figure Athletes - New Forum?

[quote]Mascherano wrote:

[quote]Hallowed wrote:
Yeah yeah yeah I’m in too.

Kinda want to start a breast implant thread. I’m serious.
Only I would have nothing to say other than I’m getting some at some point.


There used to be a breast implant thread over in the old FA forum - maybe they can move those over here and continue the discussion. I remember there was a lot of info in those threads.

As an aside - I’m surprised to hear you say you want implants Hallowed! I didn’t take you for the type. lol! Not that I know you well enough, or that there’s anything wrong with implants. Just a surprising revelation :slight_smile:

I once took natural boob enhancing pills - but they didn’t work much. Just made my boobs all swollen with water retention. Made the rest of my body retain water too. Meh!


Oh my boobs are wrecked doll. When I was fat they were 38DD (for several years) Now down to 34C which is probably all skin. Yeah its SO SEXY. Lets just think of it as repair/restoration work.

I just searched for the old forums, too! It lead me here. I am looking forward to seeing what TNation has to bring to us female athletes!

Thot this was a good shot.

New here too, but I am also looking for the articles I had bookmarked earlier!!!

Just came across this in doing a search for Figure Athlete. I’m so excited that they are going to be bringing this back! YAY!! Females need good quality training articles. I’m also looking forward to the release of Bret Contreras’ Strong Curves some time this month. Should be awesome!

It’s a shame there isn’t a website/forum dedicated to figure athletes like this one is to bodybuilding… more interested in FA than BB…

spence, as for the shot, incredible.

Hey everyone I just posted up a new topic and was really hoping to hear some feedback- I need it! :slight_smile: thanks!

I just checked for the old figure athlete articles. I was hoping there would be more up and running for FA by now. Does anyone know what all is going to be done for the FA site? Will the articles ever be available again?