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Figure Athletes - New Forum?


is this a new forum? If so... well YAH!

more Jelena!!!!


Count me in! :slight_smile:

Hey, October! Been a long time! Glad to see you om here! :slight_smile:


Anyone know if they will be incorporating writers and articles from Figure Athlete on to this forum as well?


The world needs this, and as much of it as possible!

I'm trying to convince my gf to do a show with me in the future, but she's afraid because she only imagines professional BBer woman and doesn't want to look like "a man" lol. Hopefully this forum will help show her the light.


There is a huge difference between natural female bodybuilders and unnatural bodybuilders. A natural female bodybuilder is not going to look like a man...they are just going to lose their boobs! But that happens to a lot of female athletes as their body fat drops.


Well don't figure athletes tend to do the "bikini" contest, so they don't really have to drop to extreme low body fat levels? That is what I was trying to get her to do, just so we could compete together. I think she is interested in that.


I've heard it's going to be even more awesome than FA ever was. Like taking the figureathlete site and amping it up even more. :slight_smile:


YAY!!! good to see more of an emphasis on this sport here on this side of things.

Thanks for starting a thread =)


Heard its going to be fantastic!!!!


Yeah yeah yeah I'm in too.

Kinda want to start a breast implant thread. I'm serious.
Only I would have nothing to say other than I'm getting some at some point.


Hey all, I am totally confused as to what is going on. I was a lurker here for a while and was following the Welcome to the Home workout: Big Time (former link here: http://figureathlete.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/training/hardcore_at_home_welcome_to_the_big_time)
As of this morning, this --or any of the other articles on FA for that matter--are no where to be found. If anyone could provide a link for me, that would be much appreciated.



You are not losing it, we can no longer access the site.

Either they are transferring the articles/site info to Tnation or it's a temporary setback. I'll see if I can get someone's attention on this for a response


Hey, a lil birdie told me that the figure athlete site is going to be integrated into T-Nation. It is going to be AWESOME. I mean like even better than it ever was. Just may take a little time. But the more we spread the word and get other women to come to the figure athlete forums on T-Nation, the better :slightly_smiling:


THANK YOU! it is a shame though as aside from that program there were excellent resources on FA.


I'm new to the forums, but I've read several articles on FA. I also thought I was going crazy when I tried to refer to the articles I bookmarked and couldn't access them, lol! I'm looking forward to see what the new FA looks like and has to offer!


There used to be a breast implant thread over in the old FA forum - maybe they can move those over here and continue the discussion. I remember there was a lot of info in those threads.

As an aside - I'm surprised to hear you say you want implants Hallowed! I didn't take you for the type. lol! Not that I know you well enough, or that there's anything wrong with implants. Just a surprising revelation :slight_smile:

I once took natural boob enhancing pills - but they didn't work much. Just made my boobs all swollen with water retention. Made the rest of my body retain water too. Meh!


Hi! Good to know that FA will still be around! This is the first time that I have been back here in a long time, and was surprised to see that FA wasn't up and running. I am excited to see the new format! Life has been quite eventful and a whirlwind for the past year and a half, so I did not really spend time on the computer.
I am motivated to get back into competing (and to continue to improve my physique), and to encorage and be encouraged on FA (:

P.S. Eyes! It is great to see you on here again!


Eyes is that you??? Kari/krew here from OL :slightly_smiling: SO excited for a new Figure Athlete site woot woot!!!!


I was also a member of FA for a while, and was sad to see it not in the usual place. Does anyone know when the site will be back? Maybe some of the pro figure girls can weigh in on this. Thanks!


I was curious what happened to the FA site too.. Definitely would be nice to know when we can access the resources again :slight_smile: