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Figure Athlete / Muscle with Attitude


Hey guys, I realize that Testosterone and Figure Athlete are to diffrent web sites for a reason, but does anyone read the Figure Athlete articles. i never have but im sure some people have or do.


I have


I have and still do.


I just look at the pictures.


Oh, there are some words?


Of course not.


The articles are intended for a female audience, so fuck no, why would I want to learn how to clean dishes and wash clothes?


Now that the website has changed, it's unblocked at work (for some reason IT used to block MWA), so I'll be able check out the articles more often.

I usually refer any women that ask me about fitness to the site as well.


Some of the articles pertaining to the female physique on Figure Athlete have some very important points that aren't often talked about here.

One is that females shouldn't work abs too much, and I definitely agree.


... it's a good thing you're cute. It was funny, but I still think I want to kick your ass.


I often forget that it exists, but I'm reminded when ladies show up on T-Nation. Which then leads me to Figure Athlete. I like Figure Athlete better. I really like the pictures.


I usually try to keep up with both. Sure it's geared towards women but some of it applies to everyone.

Plus the more information I have to throw at my chubby female friends when they bitch about not loosing weight the better.


wow lol


I liked the old name better. It had style.


they just had a good article on how to work on your glutes if you have "gluteal amnesia" and your quads take over on your heavy lifts.

That was a good article for man or woman

I know I am quad dominant so I take extra steps to make sure my glutes activate during my lifts

so maybe not everything is good for a guy but some is, like on here, not everything is specific to BBing or Powerlifting, but still some good info


yeah, MWA had a better ring to it


Agreed! I have the same glute/quad issue. It was a killer building any sort of an ass for competition. The article gave me ideas I hadn't really thought about.

As for the name... As a Figure Girl, I don't hate the term Figure Athlete. It's often a challenge to explain to (ignorant) people what it is, exactly we do. This term may give them something more to chew on while they are sizing me up not really listening to what I say....


It's a great article to look at.

.... and there are even some words in there, too.


I read the articles. Some good stuff. Some stuff I don't care about. Just like T-Nation articles.


I just try to learn as much as possible. I like both.